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3 Smart Siding Replacement Tips to Have an Exceptional Exterior

September 19th, 2016 | 2 min. read

3 Smart Siding Replacement Tips to Have an Exceptional Exterior

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Designing your home exterior is no easy task. Considering the many things you have to consider for your siding, windows, and entry, lacking any sense of where to begin can be stressful.

As one of the top entry door, window, and siding contractors in San Antonio, TX, Southwest Exteriors wants to give you some tips and put you on the right track. Before you go into the specifics, learn the cardinal rules first:

Adhere to the Local Vibe

One way to figure out the best exterior design for your home is to pay attention to the common theme in your neighborhood. This doesn’t necessarily mean copying the look of other houses; rather, it means conforming to the common character of the locale you belong to.

For instance, if you live in a city where contemporary homes reign, you should strongly consider embracing elements of modernism for your windows or siding in San Antonio—or at least lending a transitional appeal to your traditional abode.

Take Cue from Nature

Drawing inspiration from the surroundings never fails. Look around when deciding on the apt palette for your exteriors. If you live somewhere with views of the hills or the canyons, be sure to mimic their earthly elements. If you in the heart of the metro, go heavy on grays to emulate the abundance of concrete surrounding you.

But before you let your imagination run wild by visualizing your home in different hues, remember that sunlight affects the look of colors. Since San Antonio is sunny all year round, our team will help you determine how each shade might transform its look throughout the day.

Be Sensitive to Details

When pursuing San Antonio siding replacement, be thorough about every last detail of your new siding system. From its texture to its finish, from its style to its very material, remember that every element plays a role.

Let Southwest Exteriors help you plan your siding in San Antonio to bring your dream home exterior design to life. Call us now at (210) 485-1682, and tell us your ideas.