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3 Types of Siding that South Texas Homeowners Love

October 26th, 2017 | 2 min. read

3 Types of Siding that South Texas Homeowners Love

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Many homeowners like the look of vinyl and wood siding, but neither material is well-equipped to deal with the South Texas climate. The blazing sun leaves it cracked, faded and broken, while the constant rain and humidity lead to mold, mildew and rotting. In just a few years’ time, the siding’s rendered useless (not to mention unsightly)—and homeowners are forced to fork over more cash to fix it or replace it altogether.

HardiePlank: The Better Siding Option

Fortunately, vinyl and wood aren’t the only types of siding out there. HardiePlank siding, for example, offers a much more Texas-friendly option.

Boasting more durability, better weather resistance and plenty of design and style choices, it’s just what South Texas homeowners are looking for.

HardiePlank comes in three main styles:
  • Shingled siding, which delivers that “Cape Cod” look
  • Scalloped siding, a charming look for gabled or historic homes
  • Horizontal siding, the traditional, horizontal slat design
Benefits of HardiePlank

Regardless of which style you go for, HardiePlank offers huge advantages to Texas homeowners—particularly over other types of siding.

Proven to stand up to even the harshest of weather, it’s ideal for a state that can often see harsh heat, torrential rains and even hurricanes all in the same week. It also won’t rot or fade as the years pass by, making it a better long-term investment.

HardiePlank is also easy to paint as design trends come and go. Just choose a new custom color, paint over the old coat and you’re good to go. Some other types of siding don’t take well to paint and often can’t be changed or even repaired without serious difficulty.

Southern Siding You Can Trust

Looking for types of siding that will stand up to the harsh Texas heat or give you design flexibility down the line? Schedule a free consultation or call us at 210-485-1682, and our designers will help you find a HardiePlank siding to fit your needs and budget.