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3-Way Test: How Knowledgeable is Your Window Contractor?

February 20th, 2015 | 2 min. read

3-Way Test: How Knowledgeable is Your Window Contractor?

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When you’re meeting with a contractor for the first time, it’s no good to improvise. Come prepared with well-thought-out questions like the ones below.

1. “How are your windows different from others on the market?” Asking about the product right off the bat gives you a sense of how well your contractor knows what they’re selling.

Many contractors often get their units from bigger manufacturers. The best contractors will have completed training and received certification from these manufacturers. Ask situation-specific questions to determine if they can provide sound window solutions every time.

2. “What do I stand to gain if I choose your products?” It’s an important question to raise because not all windows in San Antonio are created the same. Honest and experienced contractors know this. In fact, if they have sufficient knowledge of the window industry, they should be able to lay down a list of pros and cons for you.

It’s the same as asking, "Why should I pick your product over others?" An honest contractor won’t needlessly downplay other products. Instead, they will let you know your options and point you to the most cost-effective choice for your needs.

3. “What other standout services can you offer me?” A contractor with a deep understanding of how the industry works knows that exceptional service isn’t solely about delivering quality products. Even the best window units will fail to perform at their optimal capacity if the installation itself is subpar.

You’ll know if your contractor is dependable if they invest in training their installers. Doing so helps them get the job done right the first time around and shows a commitment to constantly improving their services. They also make it a point to learn and stick to safety and health standards to protect the clients and the properties they’re working on.

Standout services also extend to the way the customer’s concerns are handled. If your contractor has been in the business long enough, they know that the only acceptable way to treat clients is with respect. The best contractors listen to all of your considerations; be it about budget, space, or design.

We at Southwest Exteriors are the most knowledgeable and dependable contractors around. Got any questions about replacement windows in San Antonio TX? Get in touch with us by phone to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. We will answer all your home improvement concerns and help you determine the units best suited for your project.