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Concrete Coating

4 benefits of a concrete coating for your garage floor, outdoor patio, and more

August 25th, 2021 | 6 min. read

4 benefits of a concrete coating for your garage floor, outdoor patio, and more

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A backyard with a rectangular swimming pool with concrete surrounding. There is a house in the background with green grass and tall trees.

When you walk into your garage to grab something from your storage closet, you notice a few oil stains on your concrete floor.

While this is a typically normal look for a garage floor, you’re not such a fan. Upgrading your garage with a shiny coating is the solution you are looking for. 

Whether you’re looking to get your garage, outdoor patio, or pool deck coated, the most common reason homeowners invest in a concrete coating is for aesthetic value. 

Depending on your priorities, the look and feel of your home may or may not be important to you. But if you are looking to invest in a concrete coating, what are the other benefits it offers? 

Video "Four Benefits of a Concrete Coating Besides Aesthetic Value" Down Below

Southwest Exteriors has been a home remodeling contractor in San Antonio since 1989. Over the past several years, we have installed Penntek Industrial Coatings for concrete.

A concrete coating not only provides you with a new look and upgrade, but they also offer numerous benefits that can last a lifetime. 

This article will outline the top four benefits of a concrete coating: improved safety, protection, easy maintenance, and aesthetic value. 

After reading, you will know the value of your concrete coating and what benefits you receive from it, aside from its aesthetic value. 

1. Repairing cracks or damaged concrete improves your safety

If you’re like most, you have cracks, chips, or pitting in your concrete.

You know what cracks and chips are, but might be wondering what is pitting? Pitting is when small holes form on the surface of the concrete. This can occur from the improper mix of concrete, harsh climate, or age. 

When you have your concrete coated by a professional contractor, they must first prep the concrete for the coating. This means filling and repairing any cracks, chips, or pitting in your existing concrete before applying the coating.

Now, a coating by itself will not repair or fill those cracks. However, a professional contractor will repair those cracks or pitting in the concrete while also coating it. 

If you have major cracks or damage to your concrete, you may have to hire a separate contractor that specializes in concrete repair. 

Once the damages have been repaired, a concrete coating will protect the surface from future damages. 

When you invest in concrete coating, another element that improves the safety of your surface is the addition of a slip-resistant agent. Depending on the coating brand, some manufacturers offer an extra coating that helps with slip resistance. 

Now the surface would not be 100% slip-resistant, but typically a sand-like addition to the topcoat is used to add to the slip resistance. This makes a concrete coating a great application for pool decks and outdoor areas.

2. Protect your concrete from damage

A concrete coating will add an extra layer of protection to your concrete against further damages. Some coatings are specially made to be impact and scratch-resistant. 

This will protect your concrete against future damages like cracking, pitting, scratches, or chipping. 

For areas where you might have an at-home gym or outdoor kitchen, a scratch-resistant and chip-resistant coating are perfect for protecting your concrete from dropping weights or sharp kitchen utensils.

When having your concrete coated, the makeup of the concrete must also be properly prepared. If your concrete is too soft, a densifier must first be applied to the surface before the actual coating. 

A densifier adds strength and hardens the concrete. A densifier adds strength and hardens the concrete. It helps the concrete last longer and further protect it against cracking. 

If concrete is too soft and a densifier is not added before the coating, then the coating will not adhere to the concrete properly. 

Overall, a concrete coating is beneficial when you have cracks or chips that need repair. On top of that, it will further protect your concrete against any future scratching or cracking. 

3. Easy maintenance helps your concrete floor look new

Most concrete coatings protect against any staining from spills as well. Penntek coatings, for example, are stain-proof. 

If a liquid spills on the surface, it can be easily cleaned up. The surface can be cleaned with a multi-surface cleaner.

Easy maintenance and cleanup help keep your concrete looking fresh and new. This helps to maintain its aesthetic value, which supports the main reason homeowners have their concrete coated. 

4. The aesthetic value of the concrete

The final benefit of a concrete coating is to give your garage, patio, sidewalk, or driveway a new look. Most homeowners get their concrete coated because they are looking for an upgrade. 

Depending on the contractor and coating company you choose, there are a variety of colors and customizations options. 

A concrete coating is a great way to spruce up any concrete area. Whether you want a sleek solid color, checkerboard pattern, or the logo of your favorite sports team, a concrete coating will give your home a new look. 

A concrete coating offers more than just aesthetic value

Although most homeowners get their concrete surface coated to provide some curb appeal, it offers more than that. A concrete coating will help protect your concrete from future chipping, cracking, and staining to keep your concrete strong and surface looking fresh. 

If you’re looking to repair some cracks in your garage or want to make your pool deck safer, a concrete coating sounds like the right option for you.

At Southwest Exteriors, we install Penntek Industrial Coatings because of their high-quality, customizable options, and longevity. While we may not be the right contractor for everyone, we want to educate you on all you need to know to choose the right contractor for you. 

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