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4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Door

May 17th, 2022 | 7 min. read

4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Door

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Have you been thinking about replacing your door? Is your door acting up, or are you just ready to upgrade the look of your home? 

No matter the circumstances of your situation, you’re getting close to taking the plunge and starting your project. 

If replacing your door has been on your mind, every time you enter your home is a constant reminder of what you want to change. You may wonder if your guests feel the discontent you feel when walking into your home. 

A door is like a smile on your home. It can either be expressing warmth and welcoming or frigid and uninviting. 

While the most popular reason behind replacing your door is to increase the aesthetics of your home, there are more benefits to a new door than you might think, like improving the security and efficiency of your home. 

Southwest Exteriors has been an exterior remodeling company in San Antonio since 1989. Providing high-quality, full door replacements is one of our specialties, and we offer fiberglass entry doors and vinyl and clad sliding patio doors, and French doors. 

Over the years, we know that the intentions behind replacing your door are mostly for cosmetic purposes. You want a different color door, different style, more intricate design, less design, etc. 

But, if you’ve been thinking about replacing your door but aren’t sure if it will benefit you enough, we want you to know there is much more to replacing your door than just giving your home a new look. 

This article will outline the top four benefits of replacing your door, like upgraded aesthetics, improved security, greater efficiency, and privacy. 

After reading, you’ll understand how a door replacement will elevate the look of your home and benefit you in many other ways. 

What are the benefits of replacing my door? 

Before starting any project, your head is spinning with so many questions. You’re thinking about how much your project is going to cost, how to choose the right product for you, and of course, what you will get out of it. 

When it comes to your door replacement project, you want to know what the benefits are and how this project will affect your home in a positive way. 

There are four major benefits of a door replacement. They are:

  • Upgrading your home’s aesthetics
  • Improving the security and safety of your home
  • Enhancing the efficiency of your home
  • Providing you with privacy

Let’s look into each of these benefits more so you can fully understand what you’ll get out of your door replacement. 


1. Replacing your door allows you to upgrade your home’s aesthetic

The first and most prevalent benefit of replacing your door is upgrading the aesthetic of your home. The most popular reason for replacing a door among homeowners is the desire for a new look. 

Whether you want to expand your front door to something more grandeur or have been wanting to replace your old sliding patio door with swinging French doors, you can give your home a new look in just one day. 

Your door makes a statement to not only your close friends and family but your neighbors and those who drive down the street. It showcases your personality and is also the first impression for new guests.

Improving the aesthetic of your home by replacing your door can also increase your return on investment. This, in turn, can also increase the resale value of your home if you plan to put it on the market sometime in the future. 

Overall, replacing your door allows you to transform your home in any direction you choose. It also adds to your home’s curb appeal and can increase the value of your home.


2. Replacing your door can improve the security of your home

The second major benefit of replacing your door is improving the safety and security of your home. This benefit is especially true if you have been experiencing issues with operating your door. 

Because any door is the main point of access to your home, it’s important it will protect you. If your door has been worn with damages over the years, this may be a concern to you for your safety. 

If you’ve noticed it’s become difficult to fully close your door, operate the lock, or operate a window (if you have a window on your door), then replacing it with a durable, sturdy door will provide you with the assurance that you are protected. 

Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems with your door but want to improve its security, finding a new door with added features, like multiple locks or modifying the glass in your new door, will benefit you. 


3. Replacing your door will enhance the efficiency of your home

The third benefit of replacing your door is to improve the efficiency of your home. 

Any opening in your home, like a window or a door, can shift over time. It’s natural for the foundation of your home to wiggle, move, and settle as the years go by. This shifting and settling of the foundation mean window and door openings are not fully square. 

If you’ve been in your home for a long time, you may have noticed a small gap forming at the bottom, top, or side of your door, allowing air and possibly water to pass into your home. This is because the door frame has shifted from being perfectly square to off, even if just slightly. 

So, when replacing a window or a door, it must be custom measured and manufactured to the exact current measurements for it to fit properly.  

For you to fully reap the benefit of improving the efficiency of your home, it’s also important you replace the entire door system, not just the slab. This will ensure the door system fits perfectly in the opening. 

Anytime there is an opening around a door or window in your home, air from the outside is able to get in, and the temperature-regulated air inside will escape. This means 

Replacing your door when you notice gaps or unevenness will also provide a tight seal around the door. This will prevent any further drafts or water infiltration that may have been present with your old door, improving the insulation of your home and protecting it from the outside elements.


4. Replacing your door can provide you with more privacy

One of the final benefits of replacing your door is the opportunity to give your home more (or less) privacy if you wish. 

For example, if your front, side, or back door is made of a large portion of glass, you may sometimes feel like you never have any privacy, and curtains just aren’t doing the trick. Replacing your door with something made with minimal glass will provide you with more privacy and protection. 

On the flip side, maybe you want to open up your view to the outside of your house. Then, you can customize your new door to be made with as much glass as you like. 

When you decide to replace your door, you can take what you don’t like about your current door and simply change it. So, if you’re looking for more privacy in your home or want to let more natural light in, you can design the door you’ve always wanted. 


The benefits of replacing your door: Is it worth it? 

Now that you know the four benefits of replacing your door, you can understand how a new door can improve your home. 

Most homeowners are ready to replace their door because they want a new look. It’s true; one of the biggest benefits of a new door is the opportunity to upgrade the aesthetics of your home and improve its curb appeal. 

But, replacing your door can also enhance the security, safety, efficiency, and privacy of your home. 

It’s important for you to know that in order to enjoy the benefits a new door can offer, it must be installed correctly by a professional contractor. So, to know if a contractor will meet your needs and install your door to a high quality, you must ask the right questions.

This article will outline nine questions to ask a door replacement contractor before working with them. Then, you’ll know whether they will meet your needs for your project and can choose the best contractor for you. 


Are you looking for a professional contractor to replace your door?

At Southwest Exteriors, we offer high-quality entry doors, French doors, and sliding patio doors to upgrade your style. We replace full door systems to ensure the highest quality installation that will last in your home

We want you to understand all the benefits and value your project will provide to your home. We also want you to understand the importance of a high-quality installation with the right contractor. 

Are you ready to replace your door with a high-quality contractor? Schedule your free, in-home consultation with a design consultant today!