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Window Replacements

4 Reasons to Call a Windows Replacement Service

November 4th, 2014 | 2 min. read

4 Reasons to Call a Windows Replacement Service

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Are you considering updating your home? In some cases, you may still rely on your current windows with some maintenance (i.e. cleaning or repairs) which can help them last longer. However, when your windows start to have issues with structure or performance, you should contact a windows replacement service and replace them as soon as possible.

Old windows usually perform poorly. They’re often the major culprit behind energy loss—you can lose as much as 40 percent of your heating in winter and up to 50 percent of your cooling in summer because of inefficient windows. If you are unsure of needing to replace your windows, here are four warning signs you'll need to contact a windows replacement service.

  1. Hefty energy expenses. This is could be an indication that your windows are already becoming inefficient because of age or damage. New replacement windows in San Antonio are designed to insulate your home better.
  2. Air drafts. This could be a hint that there is damage on the frame, sashes, or weather-stripping. Such impairments can cause air infiltration. You can fix this problem temporarily by applying sealants or new weather stripping. Getting new windows is, however, the long-term solution.
  3. Condensation inside the glass. This is indicative of a seal failure. The broken seals lead to moisture build-up within the glass panes, causing condensation to form. In addition, calcium deposits on the glass cause formation of white film. This means the insulated glass unit has already failed.
  4. Difficult mechanism. Opening and closing (with ease) is a basic function of your windows. Maneuvering your windows should not be a tough chore for you.

If your windows are exhibiting these signs, consider contacting a windows replacement service. We at Southwest Exteriors™ can help you get quality windows that can help prevent problems in the future. We offer high-performance windows. 

Replacing your old windows is your best option. For more information on window replacement in San Antonio, feel free to give Southwest Exteriors a call today.