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4 Reasons to Use a Darker Trim for Your Windows

December 23rd, 2015 | 2 min. read

4 Reasons to Use a Darker Trim for Your Windows

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White is usually the first color that comes to mind when it's time to pick a color for your trim. That said, your windows can actually be the perfect place to experiment and go bold with black trim. This is because choosing black on your windows can provide a gorgeous definition and enhance the entire look of a room.

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Southwest Exteriors, the top provider of quality windows in San Antonio, lists 4 reasons why you should consider whipping out a paintbrush and some dark paint for a quick trim update:

1. Create a High Contrast

Dark trims provide an easy way to go bold with a color you might be unwilling to put on your walls. If you have white or very light walls, you can use high gloss darker trims to create a strong contrast for a modern look.

2. Highlight a View

Framing a view in dark tones can draw the eye in, highlighting an outlook or just pull attention away from an unsightly area of the home. This approach is probably best for north-facing rooms and homes since dark trim may not blend well against a sun-filled room.

3. Eliminate the Need for Window Treatments

Dark trims are a great way to give your windows a finished look and eliminate the need for costly window treatments. Dark colors provide an intentional design and still let in plenty of sunlight without making the room feel too fussy.

4. Hide Flaws

If you’re remodeling your home, and the new windows don’t match up with the old trims, painting the trim dark can help hide those subtle flaws. Better yet, we offer a wide selection of replacement windows in San Antonio, TX that come in various colors to complement any home design. In addition, our windows offer better energy efficiency to reduce your monthly utility bills.

If you fancy making a change to the appeal of your home, Southwest Exteriors is your top contractor of choice. Give us a call today at (210) 757-4224 to learn more about how we can maximize the beauty, energy efficiency, and value of your home with our Ultimate Client Experience.