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Window Replacements

8 best window replacement company blogs and guides (Article)

June 23rd, 2021 | 7 min. read

8 best window replacement company blogs and guides (Article)

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Whether you’re looking to replace just one or all windows in your home, you want to know you are getting the best products and services. 

How much will a window replacement cost? How do you know what windows are best? How do you find a quality contractor

When most of us have a question about anything we’re looking to invest in, we turn to the internet. It can be hard to find trustworthy resources that equip you with the proper information.

But we’re here to help.

Southwest Exteriors has been a window replacement contractor for over 30 years in San Antonio. From our design consultants to project managers to installers, each member of our team has worked with an endless amount of windows and has a wealth of information about window types, installation, contractors, and complications. 

One of our goals is to be the #1 educator in windows, siding, doors, concrete coatings, and exterior painting. We are a resource to answer any and all questions you have about products, services, installation, warranties, and more.

Along with our Learning Center, there are many other sites and resources out there that are helpful to guide you through your window replacement project.

This article will provide you with eight of the best blogs and guides out there to help you navigate through the window replacement process.

Using multiple sources is important to ensure you are not getting potentially biased information from an untrustworthy source.

Researching is one of the most crucial parts of your window replacement project.

So, let’s get into the good stuff. 

1. The Spruce

The Spruce is an all-around home remodeling website with content for any project you can think of. 

Their diverse staff consists of over 45 experts that are master gardeners, contractors, chefs, vet technicians, and more. 

As far as window content goes, they have pages of replacement window-specific articles like fiberglass versus vinyl windows, how to insulate your windows, how to save money on replacement windows, and whether you should repair or replace your windows.

They’ve got you covered for anything you want to know about replacement windows, from material type to specific manufacturers. 

If you’re looking for tips to clean and upkeep your windows or creative ways to decorate your space, they offer that content as well. 

The Spruce is there to help answer your technical window questions as well as provide the inspiration you’ve been looking for to upgrade your home. 

2. Houston Window Experts

If it wasn’t obvious from the name, the Houston Window Experts have made a name for themselves as experts on all things windows.

They are considered Houston’s top window replacement company and have been in business for over 12 years. 

Owner Jeff Ludy has become the face of the company, popularizing their YouTube channel with almost 5,000 subscribers. Their videos feature topics like window buying mistakes, testing tempered glass, and financing.

They also have a blog on their site that features their videos along with a written article. 

Houston Window Experts are a trusted contractor that centers their work around the homeowner. Through their educational content, they are here to help no matter if you live in Houston or not.

3. Modernize Home Services

Modernize Home Services was created over 15 years ago to be a resource for homeowners to learn about home improvement projects.

They offer extensive guides for projects like flooring, gutters, solar panels, and windows. 

Their window guide covers all you need to know about windows like styles, cost, brands, and glass. They provide other reads like finding the right contractor, what to expect from a window replacement, and how to file a windows insurance claim.

They have a window replacement cost and return on investment calculator as well as a tool to find a local contractor. 

If you’re looking for a place to start in your research, Modernize is a great resource to learn about all that goes into a window replacement. 

4. Window Nation

Window Nation is a home improvement contractor first established in Maryland. They service doors, siding, and roofing alongside windows, of course, in the north and northeast states from Missouri to Massachusetts. 

Their blog is full of articles about windows like different types and materials, problems and how to spot them, and helpful comparisons. 

While some of their content is focused on the New England homeowner, it is still helpful for a Texas homeowner wanting to learn about details of types of windows, energy efficiency, and maintenance.

5. Bob Vila

Bob Vila has spent his entire career in the home improvement industry. He has hosted various home improvement television shows and even starred on an episode of Home Improvement as himself.

He grew up around constructing and home improving, leading him to create his own residential remodeling and design business after building houses while he was in the Peace Corps.

His site offers content about painting, gardening, bathrooms, storage, and interior design. For windows, he has articles centering around cost, cleaning tips, drawbacks, and comparisons. 

6. R & M Quality Windows and Doors

R & M Quality Windows and Doors was established in 1994 as a window and door installation contractor in the northern bay area of California. 

They offer a variety of types of windows like clad, vinyl, and fiberglass that protect from UV rays and provide curb appeal. 

Their blog covers all the basics you need to know for a window replacement, like how to choose a trustworthy contractor, mistakes made when choosing a contractor, and the benefits of installing new windows. 

Each article answers a specific question that you may or may not have thought of, like can you replace your windows in the winter and what shouldn’t you do during a window replacement. 

7. Construction Coverage

Construction Coverage is a group made up of finance and technology professionals who wanted to make the construction business easier for the buyer. 

Their site is full of guides and reviews about homeowner, auto, and business insurance, as well as the best softwares used in the construction industry. 

Their replacement window guide includes all details necessary to make an informed window replacement purchase with a table of contents, including window styles, energy efficiency, cost, installation, and maintenance. 

Each chapter is full of detailed information with videos attached to better help you understand the content. 

8. Alco

Alco is a three generation, family-owned company specializing in window, door, roofing, and siding replacements. 

They offer extensive guides for all types of replacements and also have a blog covering topics like advantages for replacing your siding and fiberglass versus vinyl window comparisons.

Their window replacement guide includes information about everything you need to know when it comes to replacing your windows. Signs you need a replacement, energy efficiency of windows, and different window styles are all topics of interest. 

This guide includes many helpful motion graphics and images to help you further understand all that goes into your window replacement. 

Why researching before making a decision on your window replacement is important

As you can see, there are a lot of small details and choices that must be made when looking into a window replacement.

Doing your research on different window materials, styles, and contractors is crucial to ensuring you get the window replacement you are wanting.

If you go into a window replacement uneducated, you risk getting taken advantage of by a shady contractor who just wants to take your money and provide you with the cheapest, low-quality window replacement. 

Southwest Exteriors is a trusted window replacement contractor, and through our staff, Learning Center, and YouTube channel, we want to educate you on all things you need to know regarding your project. 

Want to learn more about window replacements? Check out some of our content, from window replacement cost to installation, to learn more.