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A Review of Door-to-Door Window Sales Pitches and the Problems You Should Know

May 22nd, 2013 | 3 min. read

A Review of Door-to-Door Window Sales Pitches and the Problems You Should Know

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As the weather has warmed up, door-to-door window salespeople have hit the streets. 

There’s a particular technique that these sellers are currently using in friendly San Antonio neighborhoods where residents are prone to open their doors to strangers.  We will call it the “We want you to be our model home” sales pitch.  This sales technique isn’t limited to just one company, as several in the area are using the same basic approach. Whether you have encountered them yet or not, we want you to have all the facts about these window sales pitches and some of the problems with them.


The Window Sales Pitch

Usually the door-to-door salesperson will introduce himself with one of the following half truths:


“I am not selling anything.”

“We are a company that is educating customers in the area about the basics of energy efficiency.”

“I am from an environmental improvement company.”

“Your friend (pointing off in the distance) over on the next street has used us and sent us over because you might have mentioned your home has been heating up a lot.”

“We are making this offer to select homes that have old single-pane windows like yours.”

“Instead of using an advertising budget, our company has decided to put free or reduced price windows in a beautiful model home so that people can see how great they look, and our windows will speak for themselves.”


Unfortunately, these door-to-door salespeople have already started their relationship with you in a dishonest way.  First, they ARE selling something: they sell replacement windows.   Next, their company does not focus on environmental improvement, except indirectly through replacing old windows.  Also, none of your friends in the neighborhood have replaced their windows using the company, and lastly, they are not interested in giving you a house full of free windows for the surrounding homeowners to admire.

If several of these visitors have come to your home, it may simply mean that you have single-pane windows and are being targeted by companies who can legitimately save you money on your cooling utility costs. The danger comes when you don’t do the required homework and research it takes to properly shop for such a large investment in your home, believing that you are actually getting a deal because you were “lucky” to be “chosen” as a model home.  There are several types of replacement windows in a variety of price ranges and materials to look at before trusting your home to a stranger who came knocking on your door.

Response and Research

A great response for the salespeople would be to ask for a business card or brochure and tell them if you decide you are interested, you will call them later.  Even if you are pressured or talked into to make an immediate decision, any door-to-door salesperson in the state of Texas must inform you verbally and in writing that you legally have the right to cancel any contracts within three days. (For more information on door-to-door sales laws, see


If you truly are interested in replacing your home’s windows, we highly recommend taking the time to research the different product options available to you so you can make a wise decision about what’s best for your home. We’ve written a few blog articles that would help you get started in your research, like How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost in San Antonio? and What Are the Best Types of Replacement Windows for My Home? We are always happy to answer any questions you have along the way, so feel free to contact us directly at any time.