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Ask for Professional Siding Helping TX Early in the Year

January 22nd, 2015 | 2 min. read

Ask for Professional Siding Helping TX Early in the Year

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Siding in San Antonio homes does not only improve curb property appeal;it also insulates and protects the home from extreme weather conditions. That’s why it should be taken care of all the time. And if you have any concerns regarding your siding, the best time to seek help is today. Not only will acting fast mitigate possible major concerns, it will also ensure that contractors get to implement your project in the best working conditions.

Temperatures during the first quarter of the year tend to favor working on home exteriors. While it can still be a bit breezy, the weather is better compared to the middle of summer, when it’s simply too hot to be outside. Getting professional help this time of the year also means you get to enjoy better siding—and the benefits it brings—for most of the year.

So what typical issues do homeowners usually have? Here are some of the questions they often ask:

How do I know which siding to get for my house? There are different choices for your home siding. James Hardie® HardiePlank® siding looks like real wood compared to vinyl ones. Also, the noncombustible nature of HardiePlank makes it a choice for many instead of vinyl siding, which melts when exposed to heat. You can use plastic siding if you want more choices in color. Wood siding is also used by many due to its availability, aesthetic, and ease of installation. Metal siding and masonry siding are also popular for industrial buildings. Stone siding, on the other hand, are often used for buildings.

How do I maintain my siding? Wood siding, though more durable, requires more maintenance. In cleaning wood siding, use a bleach solution. That is, three-parts water for every one-part chlorine. Homeowners should also check from time to time for termites. One way to maintain the attractiveness of siding is to repaint it. This can be done every few years. Spots and mold can be removed by store-bought cleaners.

How durable is the siding? HardiePlank siding lasts for a long time and carries a 30-year non prorated, transferable limited warranty. As it is made of nonflammable materials, it will not catch fire. HardiePlank siding can also be repainted in many different colors, and it has a thickness that provides resistance, which makes it perfect for protecting your home from the weather.

Get professional help today. Make sure to call experts for your San Antonio siding replacement. Call Southwest Exteriors, San Antonio's most trusted window, siding, and patio door contractor.