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Avoid the Hazardous Risk Brought by Substandard Windows

July 30th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Avoid the Hazardous Risk Brought by Substandard Windows

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In extreme conditions, low quality standard windows can be a hazard. They can break into millions of tiny pieces that can cause injuries and damaged furniture. Refer to an article from San Antonio local website,, about a series of earthquakes in Oklahoma and some parts of Texas and Kansas:

When Landrith arrived at the store after the alarm company called him, he and the police discovered "a little bit of everything on every aisle" had been knocked off, he said.

Employees worked throughout the morning and afternoon to clean up. The store opened two hours late, he said.

Earl Burson, Harrah's city manager, said glass windows were shattered at buildings on the city's main street, Church Avenue, and the police department sustained cracks in the wall.

Avoid the risk brought about by substandard materials. Homeowners should consider these following tips in order to reduce the chances of an unwanted incident happening:

•    Inspect your house. Earthquakes are inevitable. Inspecting your home can be a good start as this allows you to know where you can possibly place fragile and important things that can be in danger, if your windows suddenly break. To have a thorough inspection of the quality of your windows, you may contact a reliable contractor of windows in San Antonio to assist you.

•    The use of high quality window materials. Easy window breakage during strong earthquakes can be minimized by utilizing technologically advanced windows

•    Ensure that your windows are properly installed. More often than not, windows that are not properly installed usually tend to be easily damaged. Ensure that your windows are properly installed and that they adhere to the requirements of the industry and the local government.

Having all these considered may help you avoid or lessen the damage that earthquakes can do to your home and family. For a home with durable and long lasting replacement windows in San Antonio TX.

(Article Excerpt From Earthquakes cause minor damage in central Oklahoma,, July 22, 2014)