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18 Best Holiday Exterior Decor For Your Home in 2022

December 6th, 2022 | 20 min. read

18 Best Holiday Exterior Decor For Your Home in 2022

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The ambiance of Christmas lights is slowly appearing around your neighborhood. Holiday classics ring out from your radio. Brisk breezes make you bundle into your Winter coat further. 

This can only mean one thing: the holidays are here! 

Whether you’re the type that loves to plan meticulously ahead or tends to leave things to the last minute, one thing you can’t escape this year is holiday decorating. 

One of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is by decorating your home’s exterior to spread cheer for all who see.

Tired of your old ways of holiday decorating? Looking for some fun and new ways to up your decorating game? Ready to change up your holiday style? 

Look no further. Southwest Exteriors is here to help. 

This article will outline 18 ways to decorate your home’s exterior for the 2022 holidays. We’ll provide numerous decor ideas for every style, from traditional to rustic to modern. 

By the end, you’ll be ready to crank those Christmas tunes and get to decorating! 


For the Traditional Holiday Decorator

As a traditional holiday decorator, you love classic decor items with a little mix of everything. 

Want to add some fun light-up figurines in your yard? Go for it! Leaning more toward a simple Christmas look with pops of color here and there? Sounds like the perfect mix of styles. 

Here are four ways to decorate your home’s exterior to give off that traditional, warm and welcoming look this Christmas. 


1. Stack large ornaments around your yard and front porch

Classic Christmas ornaments of all shapes and sizes are traditional for any holiday lover. Step up your game by supersizing your ornaments to place around your front porch. 

Place a variety of ornament sizes around some outdoor Christmas trees, near presents on your porch, or stack them to create a unique tree. 

You can buy these mega-sized ornaments on Amazon or less-expensive inflatable ones from Walmart. There are even some resources out there to DIY them yourself. 

A black front door decorated for the Holidays with large black and white striped ornaments on the front porch.

Photo Credit: Grandin RoadⓇ


2. Turn your front door into a present for all

Another way to supersize your Christmas decor is by turning your front door into a neatly wrapped gift. 

If you want to go all out, you can wrap your entire front door in wrapping paper, then top it off by tieing a wide ribbon vertically and horizontally around the door once, creating a bow in the front. If wrapping the entire door isn’t your style, ditch it and just add the ribbon!

Whatever level of traditional Christmas cheer you want to add to your home, this DIY present door is so easy to customize to your holiday preferences. 

A front door wrapped in red wrapping paper with large green ribbon tied around it like a bow.

Photo Credit: Shannon Mead via Pinterest


3. Create an elegant ornament garland for your entryway

Do you always put out some traditional Christmas garland but have grown bored of how it looks the same every year? This fabulous traditional decor idea is also DIY friendly, though you may be able to buy an entire garland perfectly decorated from the store. 

If you want to DIY this decor, all you need is enough garland to line your entryway, ornaments, string lights, and twist ties. Depending on your preferences, you may double up on garland to give it a fluffier effect. 

Lay out your garland and wrap or weave the string lights into it. Then, take your ornaments and place them however you like. Use the twist ties to secure both the lights and ornaments in place. 

And it’s as easy as that! Now you can hang your totally unique holiday garland around your entryway to let all see how you customize Christmas. 

A front door decorated with a large garland with colored ornaments

Photo Credit: JoycieLaneDesigns via Etsy


4. Make your own light-up Christmas tree farm in your front yard

Can’t make it to the Christmas tree farm this year? Make your own using simple Christmas string lights and just a few supplies. 

You’ll need wooden stakes or PVC pipes at varying heights, string lights, grounding stakes, and a screw. 

  • Take the PVC or wooden stake and secure it in the ground in your front yard. For wooden stakes, secure a screw or nail at the top of the stake to wrap the lights around. For PVC pipes, secure the screw from the front of the PVC pipe at the top to provide an anchor for the lights. 
  • Next, you’ll start stringing your lights. Start with the end of the string lights on the ground to allow it to plug into an extension cord. 
  • Then, you’ll start laying your lights up and down into a tree pattern, using the nail at the top to make the point of the tree and the grounding stakes to secure the lights at the bottom. You can make them in a parallel, straight line, or circle the lights around the PVC pipe for a 3D effect.

Add a trio of trees or an entire forest to impress all who pass by. With this traditional holiday decor, you can spread your cheer your way. 

Three Christmas trees made of colored Christmas lights in a front yard of a home

Photo Credit: Amanda via Home Talk


For the Chic and Trendy Decorator 

Maybe more traditional holiday decor isn’t for you. You like to keep things minimalistic and chic while also staying on theme. 

Here are four easy ways to transform your home with a modern twist that will make all your neighbors wonder, “How did they do that?”


 5. Excessive white icicle lights hanging from your roofline

When decorating for a chic and minimalistic style, the key is using soft colors and white lights for everything. 

One of the first ways to elevate your home while still embodying the Christmas spirit is by hanging icicle lights from your roofline, but not just any type of icicle lights. 

The trick to not making your lights look tacky (which is the furthest thing you want) is by layering and using various lengths. By using this technique, your home will truly look like icicles are dripping off your roofline, but in a chic way. 

Now, these types of lights may be more difficult to find in your traditional hardware or grocery store, but trust us, the hunt will be worth it. 

A home with white trim and icicle Christmas lights along the entire roofline

Photo Credit: Amazon


6. Line your walkway with classic white lights

Maybe you have kids that want to light the way for Santa, but you don’t want to compromise your style. Or maybe you plan to host a few holiday parties and dinners and want to ensure your guests have a lit pathway. 

No matter your circumstances, another modern and trendy Christmas light decoration is lining your walkway with soft white lights. 

Not only will it illuminate your path for family, friends, and Santa, but it will provide ambient lighting across your entire front yard. 

A modern Texas home with white Christmas lights on the roofline and sidewalk.

Photo Credit: Texas Light Crew


7. Simple light-up reindeer and presents in your yard

Remember how we said white lights are the key to giving off chic and trendy vibes? Well, here’s another holiday classic reimagined with a modern twist. 

Everyone loves to see animals in the wild around their neighborhood, even if they are plastic and light up. Add an element of fun while still keeping your decorations elegant by placing white light-up reindeer or present boxes around your front door. 

This will also provide ambient lighting across your yard and match your color scheme for the holidays. 

Light up reindeer figurines in a front yard

Photo Credit: Amazon


8. Add a modern and elegant wreath 

Maybe hanging Christmas lights aren’t your thing, but you still want an easy and chic way to decorate your home for the holidays. What could be easier than adding an elegant wreath to your front door or on top of your entryway? 

Wreaths are a classic Christmas decoration that you can take in any direction. For a modern and trendy style, stick to the natural-looking wreaths with accent ornaments that fit your colors if you choose. 

One way to upscale a somewhat plain holiday wreath is by adding a sleek and elegant accent bow to the wreath. This reflects your minimalistic yet unique sense of style. 

DIY this decoration or buy it in the store - we don’t judge either way. All that matters is that you find the right decor to match your home and your personality. 

A simple Christmas wreath with pine cones and fake snow.

Photo Credit: Walmart


For the Rustic and Farmhouse Decorator

If you love burlap, mason jars, and anything made of recycled wood, this section of this article is for you. 

For a rustic decorator, you want your home to blend in with its surroundings. You love natural browns and greens and want your home to embody a warm cup of hot cider. 

Here are three ways to turn your home’s exterior into a chic holiday farmhouse. 


9. Wrapped presents in brown paper with accent ribbons

Adding a stack of presents underneath your porch Christmas tree is a classic holiday decoration. 

How do you make it your style? Wrap your presents in brown or neutral-colored paper and top it off with a rustic and farm-style bow. 

When choosing the right ribbon to wrap your presents with, stick to the classics, like any plaids in classic red and Christmas green. But remember, you can always customize your presents and decorations to be as rustic, modern, or classic as you wish. 

Presents wrapped in brown, green, red, and plaid wrapping paper with twine and pine needles.

Photo Credit: The Design Twins


10. Use hay bales to create light designs, hang garlands, and more

One fun and creative way to incorporate your personal style into your holiday decorations are by using your resources. Whether hay is a part of your morning and evening chores or you just want your home to look more farm-y, hay bales can be used in multiple ways for holiday decor. 

Either on your front porch or front yard, stack your hay bales into a triangle to emulate the shape of a tree. Top it with a star and leave it at that, or wrap your hay bales in string lights to take it up a notch! 

With this simple DIY Christmas decor, you can dress it up or down as much as you’d like. Keep it simple with minimal decorations on top, or go all out with lights, ribbon, and ornaments. 

A stack of hay bales made in the shape of a tree with Texas stars and colored Christmas lights wrapped around them.

Photo Credit: Buff Strickland via Country Living Magazine


11. Scatter wooden Christmas trees throughout your yard

This rustic holiday decor also allows you to get creative and make it yourself or buy it from the store if you like. 

To make your own wooden Christmas trees, all you need is thinner wood, maybe ¼ or ⅛ in. thick, and nails. 

  • First, you want to create the backboard of your tree with one piece of wood. This will secure all your branches of the tree. 
  • Then, you can lay out the thin wood panels cut into strips across the backboard. You can spread the wood out as much or as little as you like. 
  • Once you have the wooden strips evenly laid along the backboard, mark them at an angle where they need to be cut to create the tree shape. 
  • After your pieces are cut, simply nail them to the backboard, and you have your tree! 

You can paint these wooden trees if you like, wrap them in Christmas lights, or add some spotlights in front of them. For an extra rustic forest, use old, recycled wood!

A tree made out of wood in a front yard with Christmas ornaments stacked on it.

Photo Credit: 


For the Winter Classic Christmas Decorator

What’s the difference between a traditional and Winter classic decorator? Traditional leans into some of the usual holiday trends, such as colorful ornaments and lights and large yard decorations. 

The Winter classic decorator loves a winterscape. Pine trees everywhere, scattered snow, and seasonal plants just scrape the surface of what this type of decorator loves. 

Here are three ways to elevate your holiday decor to turn your home into a Winter Wonderland. 


12. Elegant natural garland with pine cones and snow lining your entryway 

Garland is always a classic holiday decoration for your entryway. But for you, you need something elegant and extravagant while also exuding the feel of a Winter Wonderland. 

Whether you decide to DIY your own garland or purchase it premade, a Winter classic garland must include the essentials: pine cones, red berries, and snow. 

This style of garland is for those who want to keep it simple yet extra (two opposing terms, I know). You can also customize your garland to include other favorite winter items, like string lights or ornaments, which will sway you more toward the traditional Christmas style. 

A sage-colored front door with natural pine garland around the entryway.

Photo Credit: Southern Living Plant Collection


13. Pine cones, ornaments, and berries in front porch flower pots

Maybe you’ve got some empty flower pots sitting around your yard, or some of your front porch plants are struggling with the winter temperatures. 

One easy and fabulous way to spruce up those flower pots is by adding pine cones, Christmas tree branches, ornaments, and berries to them! 

The key to this decoration is to use more natural decorations, similar to the garland. You want to winter-fy the scenery around you and have your decor enhance the natural beauty of the Christmas season to keep it Winter Classic. 

Flower pots on a front porch filled with pine cones and red ornaments.

Photo Credit:


14. Add poinsettias and decorated Christmas trees outside your door

On top of creating your elegant entryway garland and enhancing your old flower pots, the final front porch element to complete the Winter Classic look is poinsettias and Christmas trees. 

Use both red and white poinsettias to give your home more of a pop of holiday spirit, or keep it bright and classic with all red poinsettias lining your porch. 

Of course, Christmas trees are perhaps the most popular way to decorate your home for the holidays. Place real-like Christmas trees outside your door and add fake snow to them to give them a natural look. Whether you want to add any ribbons, lights, or decorations to the trees is up to you!

A large front entryway with wooden doors and transoms and poinsettia plants around the door.

Photo Credit: Refresh Restyle


For the Fun and Funky Holiday Decorator 

The final type of decorating style we’ll cover in this article is the holiday decorator that doesn’t shy away from the more funky and somewhat tacky exterior decorations. 

You love to let your inner child come out when decorating for the holidays and believe everyone should have inflatable Minions in their front yard surrounded by other trinkets and lawn items. We see you, and we hear you. 

Here are four fun ways to decorate the outside of your home that won’t only turn heads but bring smiles to all who see it. 


15. Colored lights lining your walkway or roofline for Santa to land

You not only want Santa to have a runway to land his sleigh. You want him to have a disco party when he gets to your house. 

Line your walkway with colored lights to give him a direction to land. You can also create a runway on your roof for VIP Santa sleigh parking. 

Bonus points if you can make your colored lights flash for added sparkle!

The front of a home lit up with colored Christmas lights along the sidewalk and roofline.

Photo Credit: Christmas Divas via Instagram


16. DIY candy cane lollipops to turn your front yard into Candyland

Is a Christmas candy aesthetic more your style for fun and funky holiday decor? DIY your own candy cane lollipops to scatter your yard and create your own Candyland. 

All you need are paper plates, PVC pipes, cellophane, red markers, glue, and ribbon. 

  • Color your paper plates in a swirly candy cane pattern using your red markers. Then, you can attach the plate to the top of the PVC pipe using glue or tape if you wish. 
  • Take your cellophane and wrap it over the top of the paper plate to mimic a candy wrapper. Tie the colored ribbon of your choice around the bottom of the plate, and you have your lollipop!
  • If the ribbon is not strong enough to hold the cellophane around the plate, use a zip tie to secure it first, then top it with the ribbon. 

This DIY decoration is great for the entire family. Everyone has the ability to customize and create their own lollipop and can see it bring your home to life during the holiday season. 

DIY lollipops made with paper plates colored like candy canes and wrapped in cellophane. They are sticking in a front yard near bushes.

Photo Credit: Smart School House


17. Add a simple light projector for more color and sparkle

Do you love colorful, fun Christmas decorations but don’t necessarily have the time or energy to decorate your entire exterior? Install a simple light projector in one of your trees to light up your entire home in holiday sparkle!

One popular brand is the Star Shower. These light installations are fairly inexpensive, coming in around $30, and you can order them online or buy them in-store at Home Depot, Walmart, and other brands are available at Lowe’s

These projectors have numerous colors and options for motion. Easily install them high in a tree or on the ground in front of your home, plug them in, and enjoy!

The front of a house lit up with a Star Shower light projector.

Photo Credit: Amazon


18. Continue your collection of current popular characters as figurines and inflatables 

For the extra holiday decorator that loves to fill their yard with numerous Christmas trinkets, decorations, and famous characters, it may be time to update your inflatables. 

If you still put up Bob the Minion with a Santa hat on in your front yard, it’s time to add some more updated characters your neighbors will all love.  

While, yes, some of the classics like Rudolph, the Abominable Snowman, and Santa Clause will always be in fashion, check out Home Depot’s list of some new (and old) movie and TV characters, like Baby Yoda, Sven from Frozen, and more!

What’s your favorite movie character? A simple internet search will surely send you to the right place to purchase them in inflatable form. 

A front yard inflatable of the Mandalorian and the child from Star Wars in front of a home with snow.

Photo Credit: Home Depot


Ready to decorate your home for the holidays? 

Now that you have 18 new and different decor ideas for any holiday style, you’re ready to get outside and start decorating! 

Although we outlined five different styles of Christmas decor, the fun of it all is making it your own. Maybe you’re a little rustic with traditional, or you like modern and chic with a little fun and funky decorations thrown in. 

No matter what your holiday decorating style is, we hope you’ve learned something new in this article that’s inspired you to get in the Christmas spirit and get to decorating!


(P.S. While you’re outside stringing lights and setting up Christmas trees, be sure to inspect your siding, windows, and doors, especially around your roofline. You may find some unwanted damage or rot that will need fixing after the holidays.

Check out our entire Learning Center to read more about what to do if you find damage to your home’s exterior, how much replacements cost, different product reviews, and more!)


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