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Cost Vs. Value: Getting Replacement Windows in San Antonio

October 28th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Cost Vs. Value: Getting Replacement Windows in San Antonio

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Everything you buy for your property can be seen and treated as an investment – from the bathtub to your choice of windows in San Antonio. Whenever you spend money on something—especially if you spend a lot—you expect to recoup your expense in some way. A little research can help you determine what could be a reasonable amount to spend for your home improvements.

A quick peek into Remodeling Magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report offers some useful data you can consider if you’re looking into getting replacement windows in San Antonio TX. This report contains 35 of the most popular home improvement projects in 101 US cities.

There are two classifications of windows when it comes to class and material: (1) Class: midrange, which is the standard; and upscale, which is the luxury type

(2) Material: vinyl and wood

San Antonio, TX

Midrange vinyl window replacement in San Antonio costs $9,252. It has a resale value of $6,508, the equivalent of a 70.3% return on investment. On the other hand, a midrange wood window replacement is worth $10,105, with a resale value pegged at $7,569, providing you with 74.9% ROI.

Upscale vinyl window replacement in San Antonio costs $12,846 and can yield 68.7% in returns at $8,829. Upscale wood window replacement in San Antonio can cost you $16,103, 68.3% or $11,000 of which you can recoup.

National Average

A midrange vinyl window replacement job averages around $9,978; resale value is pegged at $7,857. That gives you a 78.7% return. Midrange wood window replacement can cost $10,926, with a resale value of $8,662, or 79.3%.

On the other hand, an upscale vinyl window replacement job will cost you $13,385. With a resale value of $10,252, that gives you a return of 76.6% on your cost. An upscale wood window replacement project is worth $16,798 with an average resale worth of $12,438. That is 74% return of investment.

The Most Favorable Consideration

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