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When you as a homeowner contemplate letting strangers into your home to do any type of remodeling work, there can be a certain uneasiness regarding the undertaking of the project.  Not only do you worry about the final product, but you also must consider your personal safety and the safety of your l...

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The critical success factor in any construction project is the contractor. A qualified, professional, experienced contractor knows what results are required for Owner satisfaction, as well as, what will lead to dissatisfaction down the road. Allow yourself a minimum of 1 hour to sit down with each...

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“Leadership is stewardship.  It is temporary, and you’re accountable.”      Andy Stanley I quote the above with high frequency. Why? It’s succinct and right on point. It’s so easy to feel trapped by our circumstances or environment. We blame them for our troubles and want the solutions to come fr...

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How Much Can Replacement Windows Save On My Energy Costs? It’s a very fair question to ask how much you can expect to save on your energy bill by replacing your windows. After all, the benefits must necessarily outweigh the cost, or it wouldn’t be worth the investment. Well, there are many factors a...

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