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Changing the exterior appearance of your home requires a keen eye for design and of course, excellent material. Since having a beautiful home reflects who you are, only the best options matter. One of them is using fiber cement siding, a product that efficiently protects the home exterior from weath...

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What part of your home usually provides visitors with the first and lasting impression? It's definitely not the roof, as nobody usually notices it up close. The windows or sidings perhaps, from afar, but the first thing people immediately see when they approach your property is the entry door. You may claim a credit of 10 percent of the cost of certain energy savi...

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Siding is a great home improvement feature, creating curb appeal for the home. It protects home exteriors from unsteady weather conditions and pest infestation. It also adds insulation to the home, providing more comfort for homeowners and helping them cut down on energy consumption. And there are m...

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