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One of the most important parts of our home exteriors is the siding. With so many things out there that can compromise your home’s structural integrity, the siding acts as an extra barrier that protects your property from the elements, pests, dirt, and moisture. The siding is also there...

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When it comes to San Antonio siding replacement, locals go to Southwest Exteriors. But why should you hire professionals like us for your home exterior project? Here are at least four reasons why you would rather entrust that siding project to pros. Reason #1: Professionals have the ex...

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Siding is one of the most noticeable components of your home’s exterior. That is why anything goes wrong with your siding can affect the aesthetics of your house negatively. This protective layer is going to wear out eventually because of varying weather conditions and aging. The damage may begin wi...

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Are you considering updating your home? In some cases, you may still rely on your current windows with some maintenance (i.e. cleaning or repairs) which can help them last longer. However, when your windows start to have issues with structure or performance, you should contact a windows replacement...

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