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Dangers Of Removing Glass Block Windows: What To Consider

November 13th, 2023 | 5 min. read

Dangers Of Removing Glass Block Windows: What To Consider

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Glass block windows have been a staple in many older homes. Most popularly installed in bathrooms, this window style provides any room with natural light and visibility but also privacy. 

But, whether you’ve just bought an older home or are ready to upgrade your current home, removing glass block windows can be a challenge and certainly not one to take on as a DIY project. 

Even when hiring a contractor to remove glass block windows, they must have the right skills, training, and experience to remove them properly without damaging your home. 

As a San Antonio window replacement company since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has over three decades of experience removing all kinds of windows, including glass block windows. 

We understand the potential dangers of removing such unique and large windows but know most homeowners may not. 

So, before searching for the right company to remove your glass block windows, it’s important to understand what issues you could face if this project is done improperly. Then, you can better choose the right contractor to hire and successfully complete this project. 

This article will outline the major dangers of removing glass block windows improperly to better understand how to find the right company to remove glass block windows. 


3 Problems When Removing Glass Block Windows (And How To Avoid Them)

Removing and replacing glass block windows is similar yet very different from removing regular windows, like double-hung, picture, or slider windows. 

These windows are heavy, clunky, and overall awkward to work with. Because of this, they must be removed properly to avoid any harm to your home and those working on it. 

Let’s look into some common problems and dangers of removing glass block windows and if they are avoidable. 


1. Damage to your home’s walls and frames

The first and most important problem to be aware of when removing glass block windows is the potential damage to the integrity of your home’s frame. 

When removing any window, taking the proper steps and precautions is vital to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding walls. 

With glass block windows, this can be especially difficult because the block windows are large and heavy. They can be difficult to remove cleanly. 

If the entire glass block window is not removed correctly and carefully, the contractor risks ripping off parts of your interior and exterior walls as well as the beams of your home’s frame. Any excessive damage to your home will delay the finish of your project, cost you more, and turn your window replacement into a hassle. 

Can this problem be avoided? 

The easiest way to avoid this problem when replacing your glass block window is by hiring a trusted company with experience with these windows. 

Did you know some window replacement companies won’t even touch glass block windows? It’s true. 

Because of their difficulty of removal and replacement, you must find a reputable, trustworthy, local company with experience removing and replacing glass block windows and interior and exterior wall repair. 


Read more about how to find the right window replacement company 


2. Potential rot and window installation issues

Damage to your walls and frame is the first danger of removing glass block windows. Along with that comes the potential for installation issues, water damage, and rot. 

If the glass block window is not removed properly and excessive damage is left around the walls, it must be repaired properly to ensure your home is protected. 

Any cracks or exposed areas of your home’s frame can result in disastrous damage in the future, such as water infiltration, rot, and animal and insect damage. 

When any large window or door is removed from your home, there is always the possibility of damage to surrounding areas. This is why ensuring they are repaired properly is crucial to avoid having any potential rot or insect infiltration, which will cost you more in the long run. 

Can this problem be avoided? 

Similar to avoiding overall damage to the surroundings of your home, the best way to make sure future damage does not occur is by finding an experienced contractor. 

Replacing any window requires special skill and attention to detail. 

From the removal to any repairs and the replacement, the proper steps and care must be taken to ensure not only that the window is installed correctly but that any damage that occurred along the way is properly repaired. 

This is why finding a high-quality window replacement company with experience in replacing glass block windows is necessary for the health of your home and its future. 


3. Risk of injury to installers

The third and final danger of removing glass block windows is the risk of potential injury to the installers and surrounding areas if not done properly. 

Glass block windows consist of multiple rows of glass blocks connected by mortar. This makes the entire unit extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. 

Whether the window is removed by the entire unit or chiseled out, it is a difficult and potentially dangerous process if not done correctly. This is why some window replacement companies will not provide this service simply because of the difficulty and skill required.

Can this problem be avoided? 

Avoiding injury is important in any remodeling project. 

Like the other dangers outlined in this article, working with a reputable company with experience removing glass block windows is how any potential problems can be avoided. 

Doing your research and asking the right questions is the best way to find a trustworthy company that knows what they are doing. You want to know what their installation practices are, how they will remove the window, repair your home, and ultimately take care of it. 

By understanding best installation practices and how a company operates, you can ensure you find the right contractor to safely and properly remove your glass block windows. 


Finding The Right Window Replacement Company 

Now that you know the three common dangers of removing glass block windows, the problems that come with them, and how they can be avoided, you have a better understanding of what to look for in a contractor for your project. 

Ultimately, the best way to ensure your glass block windows are removed and replaced properly is by finding the right company to get the job done. 

Because glass block windows are large, heavy, and awkward, removing them must be done properly. If the right steps and precautions are not taken, you risk damage to your home, including possible water infiltration and rot, and damage to the installers or anyone nearby. 

So, whether you want to upgrade your dated bathroom or give your new home a personal touch, it’s crucial you find the right company that knows what they are doing to work on your home. 

Preparing for your project by researching best installation practices, replacement windows, and how to find the right contractor will ensure you have a successful project and transform your glass block windows with modern, stylish, and functional replacement windows. 

The first step to this is research to find a trustworthy company to work with. 

Check out this article that outlines three steps to find the right contractor for your home remodeling project. Then, you can confidently select the right company and know your project will be completed properly.