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Dent-Proof Your Home with James Hardie Siding

July 16th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Dent-Proof Your Home with James Hardie Siding

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Even the strongest wind can knock a whole house down. This has been proven by the recent article from, mentioning the dire damages that strong winds had caused to many residents in the neighboring city of San Antonio--Cibolo, Texas:

CIBOLO, Texas -- Wind caused tons of trouble outside San Antonio Friday. One woman said her Fourth of July was nearly blown away.

Residents and tractors in Cibolo, Texas, spent Saturday trying to pick up the pieces of debris left scattered in the 400 block of Tolle Road.

Aluminum ceilings were left crumpled up on the ground like balls of paper.

Strong winds can do all these and more to your roof, and your siding cannot escape the wrath of this kind of blustery weather. As a matter of fact, strong winds can do a lot of great harm to your siding. Dents, chips, and scratches are among minor damages which often result in flying debris or any flying objects. If any of these hit your siding and cause dents or scratches, you’re going to be forced to replace your existing siding.

This can be avoided by using technologically advanced siding from James Hardie. A wide array of siding provided by James Hardie are made to withstand winds up to 150mph (3-second gust)—provided that these are properly installed by reliable siding contractors in San Antonio TX. James Hardie siding adheres to hurricane building codes, making it the perfect siding for any structure, big or small.

Extreme weather conditions such as strong winds can be unforgiving; however, you can skip the whole situation by being smart. Installing high quality materials such as James Hardie siding in San Antonio, provided by Southwest Exteriors can help you lessen the damage that your house may endure, especially during harsh weather condition such as storm, hail, and forceful winds.

(Article Excerpt From Residents: Strong winds in Cibolo leave tin roofs crumpled up like paper balls,, July 6, 2014)