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Do I Have James Hardie Siding On My Home? How To Tell

January 16th, 2024 | 5 min. read

Do I Have James Hardie Siding On My Home? How To Tell

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Whether you've recently moved into a new home, want to find warranty information on your siding, or are just curious, you want to know if you have James Hardie siding on your home. 

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement products in North America. Their custom formula makes their siding weather and fire-resistant, durable, and long-lasting in all regions. 

With their renowned reputation and popularity, who wouldn't want this type of siding on their home? 

As a San Antonio siding expert since 1989, Southwest Exteriors exclusively installs James Hardie siding because of its proven quality for South Texas homes.

We've helped thousands of homeowners elevate their exteriors with this high-quality siding over the past three decades, so if you want to know if you have James Hardie siding on your home, we're here to help. 

By identifying the type of siding on your home, you can better know how well it is protected, how long it will last, how it will perform, and who to contact for any warranty claims. 


How To Tell If You Have James Hardie Siding

We understand that simply looking at your siding to determine what type and brand it is doesn't always cut it. We can't all be siding experts. 

To determine whether you have James Hardie siding on your home, on your home, you can use a few simple tactics, from examining the texture and color to contacting a local siding contractor.  

Let's dive deeper into some of these strategies you can use to find out if you have Hardie siding. 

1. Look for Brand Markings

James Hardie often imprints their name on the underside of siding planks. This emblem is typically near the edge where the siding was nailed in.

However, this marking would only be visible if you removed a siding board to look at the underside. If you have any extra siding boards that were left, you can assess those to find any brand or emblem.

It's also important to note that not all James Hardie lines have branding, so this isn't always the easiest or most accurate way to determine what type of siding you have. 

2. Examine the Texture and Material

Another strategy to determine if you have Hardie siding is to check the look and feel of the siding. James Hardie siding is made from fiber cement, which is different from vinyl or wood.

Fiber cement has a specific feel – it's more rigid and dense compared to vinyl and doesn't have the natural texture of wood, although it can be made to have the look and feel of wood grain.

Using this strategy is also not the most accurate or easiest. Even if you think the siding feels like fiber cement, it may not be James Hardie. 

3. Check the Color and Finish

James Hardie is known for its ColorPlus Technology, which gives the siding a consistent, baked-on color. This could be the type of siding you have, although some Hardie siding is primed and painted, not manufactured with the color embedded. 

If your siding has a very uniform color and shows signs of being baked-on rather than painted on, it might be a clue that you have James Hardie ColorPlus siding.

However, like assessing the material, this strategy does not guarantee that you have James Hardie siding. 

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4. Review Past Home Remodeling Records

If you recently purchased your home or aren't the first owner, you might find past remodeling records and contracts of what was done to the home and what products you have. 

If you have access to records of past home renovations and remodeling, they might show whether James Hardie products were used. This could be in the form of receipts, contractor invoices, or home inspection reports.

Finding documentation that strictly states what type of siding you have on your home will be one of the best ways to know whether you have James Hardie siding on your home.

5. Compare Your Siding To Official James Hardie Products

After assessing the material and color of your siding, the best thing you can do is compare it to actual James Hardie products.

You can visit the James Hardie website and explore their product lines to see if your siding matches, as well as watch informative videos on Hardie products to help you find answers.

Compare your siding's appearance and characteristics with the official product images and descriptions. This can help you better determine if your siding is James Hardie siding.

6. Consult With A Professional Hardie Installer

If you're still unsure whether you have James Hardie siding or not, the best thing you can do is consult a professional Hardie installer.

These experts know and understand Hardie products like the back of their hands and will be able to determine if your siding is James Hardie.

You can find a trustworthy, certified Hardie installer through James Hardie's Contractor Locator. Simply enter your zip code, and they will provide you with certified companies in your area. 


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Do You Have James Hardie Siding On Your Home? 

Now that you know six ways to assess and determine if you have James Hardie siding, you are well-equipped to get the answers you are looking for. 

While consulting a professional Hardie installer in your area is the best way to accurately determine the type of siding on your home, you can also 

  • Examine the material and color quality of your siding
  • Locate a brand or emblem on the siding
  • Find official home remodeling documents and contracts
  • Research and compare your siding to official James Hardie products

By first examining and assessing your siding, you will have a better idea of whether you have James Hardie or not. However, the best way to know what type of siding you have is to have a professional siding company to help assess your siding. 

Southwest Exteriors is a James Hardie siding installer in San Antonio since 1989. As a trusted guide for all homeowners, we're here to educate you and provide you with all the information you need to have a successful remodeling project. 

While we exclusively install James Hardie siding, we provide unbiased and informative content to help guide you through your project. 

So, if you're wondering if you have James Hardie siding, identifying the siding style may help you find your answer even quicker. 

Check out this article that details nine popular types of siding styles, like traditional lap, board and batten, and more. Then, you can determine the siding style on your home and identify if it is James Hardie siding or not.