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Don Young Window Review: The Best Windows for High-Quality Aluminum

September 17th, 2021 | 9 min. read

Don Young Window Review: The Best Windows for High-Quality Aluminum

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After a long evening of cooking dinner, you open a few kitchen and living room windows to help ventilate your house. But when you open one of the windows, you can’t get it to budge. 

When you think about it, you can’t remember the last time you opened these windows. You don’t even know how old they are. 

Whether you can’t open your old windows or notice damage around the frame, looking for replacement windows is difficult. 

With so many options out there, what you need is a crash course of each window you’re interested in to help narrow it down to what you like best. 

Video: "Don Young Window Review (Function, Options, Design)" below.

Southwest Exteriors has been an expert window replacement contractor in San Antonio since 1989. We know the struggles of finding the right replacement window for your home because we are homeowners too. 

While we offer Don Young aluminum windows, we want to provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive review of their window. We want you to be educated thoroughly on all your options and do not want to sway you into choosing one window or another. 

This article will review the Don Young window’s material, design capabilities, functionality, efficiency, and warranty. 

After reading, you will know all about the Don Young windows, how they work, and how efficient they are. This way, you will know if this window is right for you. 



About Don Young Co. 

Don Young Co. is a window and door manufacturer established in Dallas in 1978 and serves San Antonio, Lubbock, Houston, and Oklahoma City. 

They were one of the first manufacturers of high-quality vinyl windows in Texas and offer durable vinyl and aluminum windows, patio, and storm doors. 

Their windows are made in Texas by Texans and for homeowners who endure harsh heat, snow, sporadic rain, and ice. Don Young windows offer classic style and are made to last in your home. 


What are Don Young windows made of, and what can I customize? 

When shopping for replacement windows, the first thing you probably consider is how it will look in your home. You want to choose a window to reflect your style and showcase it to the world. 

While the look and design are essential, what the window is made of is equally crucial. Window replacements are large investments, so you want to know if your new windows will last and hold up to the elements.


Material of Don Young windows

Don Young offers aluminum and vinyl windows. While these two materials for windows can be made cheaply, Don Young takes pride in creating highly durable and long-lasting windows. 

Their aluminum windows are made of PolyPour, which is a high-density polyurethane. The windows are designed with a thermal spacer between the outside and inside of the frame to help with insulation and reduce conductivity. 

Their vinyl windows are made of SunShield Vinyl, one of the best vinyl window materials on the market. This vinyl is durable, withstanding weather elements, and is made not to fade in color. 


Durability of Don Young Windows

Vinyl is well known for misshaping, bending, and cracking when exposed to high and low temperatures. However, not all vinyl is created equal, and windows made with SunShield Vinyl are the best vinyl windows out there. 

Don Young windows are made from high-quality aluminum and vinyl, engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, and last in your home, unlike standard aluminum and vinyl windows. 


Design options and customization 

The ability to design your new windows is crucial when shopping for replacement windows. Maybe you want elaborate glass designs or a simple and sleek design. 

Here, we will outline the design options for Don Young windows, such as window type, shape, color, and hardware options. 

Window type options and window shape

You can choose between single-hung, double-hung, picture, casement, and slider for aluminum and vinyl Don Young windows. 

Whether looking for a functional window to open and close or want a picture window to showcase the scenery, Don Young has you covered. 

They can also make a window in almost any geometric shape you want, though this may limit which type of window you can choose. Typically, specially shaped windows are picture windows that do not open. 

Frame color options

There are limited color options for the Don Young vinyl and aluminum windows. 

You can choose from silver, bronze, tan, or white for aluminum windows. 

You can choose from white, ordinary white, or desert sand for vinyl windows. Standard white is slightly off-white than true white, and desert sand is a light tan color. 

If you are looking for a simple and classic colored window, Don Young has you covered. 

Hardware options

For the locking mechanism on a Don Young window, there is one standard style: a simple lock latch that moves from right to left to lock and unlock the window for single and double-hung windows.

Casement windows come with a simple cranking lock that tilts outwards and then cranks the window inward and outward. 

The hardware color will match the color you choose for the frame, whether white, silver, bronze, or tan. 

Grilles and grid patterns

Don Young windows come with grilles between the glass. This means that the divided grid pattern is placed between the panes of glass. 

You can choose the number of grids you’d like for your window or have no grid pattern. The color of the grilles will match the color of the frame. 

Overall, when reviewing the design capabilities of Don Young Windows, it is a fairly standard window. It is not the most customizable option, but they offer a classic and simple design and exceptional durability. 

If you are looking for a basic window that will look sleek, simplistic, and last in your home, then a Don Young aluminum or vinyl window may be the one for you. 


How easy is it to operate a Don Young window? 

The functionality of a window is another key element to consider for your replacement windows. The window style you choose will affect how it operates and how easy it is to clean the window. 

Double and single-hung windows can slide up and down and tilt inwards. Double-hung windows allow the top and bottom sash to move and tilt, while a single-hung window only moves the bottom sash.

In a Don Young window, small latches are at the top of the movable sashes to tilt the sash. It is simple to press the latches inwards to use the tilt function of the window. These two styles of windows are perfect for multi-story homes because they allow you to tilt the window inward and easily clean the outside of the window from the inside. 

Casement windows have a cranking lock that pushes the window outward, connected on one vertical side of the window. Picture windows do not open at all. 

Because of the craftsmanship of Don Young windows, there is no questioning how easy they are to open. You must consider how you want your window to function and operate. 


How energy efficient are Don Young windows? 

The energy efficiency of windows is one of the most essential elements of the functionality of a window. Your windows are key to protecting your home, especially from the sun and heat. 

Understanding your window's energy efficiency is crucial to knowing how well that window will help keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Don Young aluminum windows are made with a thermal spacer between the exterior and interior parts of the frame. This helps with the conductivity of the metal, which would insulate heat rather than allow it to disband from the frame.

The thermal spacer also helps insulate your home, which will keep things better sealed and the air inside. 

The glass on the windows is made of Cardinal glass and can come with an added Low-E coating. Low-E stands for low emissivity, meaning there are lower heat emissions from the window. 

When looking specifically at the measurable qualities of the window, technical measurements are taken to look at how much the window blocks solar heat and harmful rays. 


This measures how well a window can insulate. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the U-Factor for windows generally ranges from 0.20 – 1.20.

The more your window can insulate, the better your house will keep heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Don Young aluminum windows have a U-Factor of 0.35-0.44. Vinyl windows measure at 0.26-0.28.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

This measures the amount of solar heat that comes through a window, ranging from 0 – 1. The U.S. Department of Energy’s consumer resource, Energy Saver, says the lower the SHGC, the less heat from the sun comes through a window, helping your home stay cool during a hot summer (and fall and spring if you’re in Texas).

Don Young aluminum windows have an SHGC of 0.20-0.23. Vinyl windows measure 0.18-0.23.

Overall, Don Young windows have exceptional energy ratings for both aluminum and vinyl windows. Because these windows are made in the south, they know how harsh the sun and climate are. 

This makes a Don Young window an excellent solution for your window replacement if you are looking for protection from sun heat at a lower cost. 


Does Don Young have a good warranty for their windows? 

Reviewing the warranty of Don Young windows is the final element when looking at replacement windows. If something goes wrong with your window, the warranty will back it up. 

In a warranty, there are inclusions and exclusions. Understanding what is covered under your window warranty is important to know what the manufacturer will provide if anything needs repair or replacement. 

Don Young provides a limited lifetime window warranty for as long as you own and live in your home. Under this warranty, it states that the product will perform without any substantial impairment of operation when properly installed. 

Frames and sashes of a window are warranted against deterioration, cracking, flaking, peeling, rusting, and blistering.

Any mechanical parts, such as balances and locks, should not break under everyday use. Screens are warranted against rust and rot for as long as you live in your home.

Windows with insulated glass units are warranted against seal failure that causes moisture or film to form between interior glass surfaces. 

Exclusions in the Don Young warranty are:

  • Improper installation

  • Accidental or intentional damage

  • Foundational settling

  • Weather/climate damage

  • Natural wearing

If you experience any of the conditions outlined in the warranty, Don Young will ship replacement parts to the nearest distributor near you. Shipping and handling charges will also be the responsibility of the homeowner. 

The cost of labor and installation is not included in Don Young’s warranty coverage. You may request an in-home service, but a charge will apply.

Overall, Don Young offers a high-quality warranty for your windows if anything goes wrong for the lifetime in your home. 

It is popular for window manufacturers to offer a 20-year frame warranty and a 10-year glass warranty. This puts into perspective how Don Young’s warranty compares and offers more than others. 


Our verdict: Don Young windows are the best for high-quality, classic aluminum windows

After reviewing Don Young windows' material, design capabilities, operability, efficiency, and warranty, we classify these windows as the best for high-quality aluminum windows with classic style. 

Don Young windows offer extreme durability and energy efficiency for harsh Southern climates. If you are looking for a simple window design that will protect your home and last, Don Young Windows may be right for you. 

If you are looking for a window with more customization options in color, grid design, and window types, Don Young windows may not be the right window for you. 

As you consider your options for new windows, consider what is most important to you. Do you want to customize the window in every way, or are you just looking for the best window to get the job done? 

While we offer Don Young windows at Southwest Exteriors, we want to provide an honest, unbiased review of their windows. We know that not every window will be right for everyone, and you know how to make the best decision for your home and your project. 

On your journey to finding the right replacement windows for your project, you might wonder how much a window replacement project costs. Luckily, we have you covered. 

Check out this article and video that outlines the top factors that influence the cost of a window replacement and how much a window replacement costs.