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Don Young Window Warranty: Inclusions, Exclusions, & Filing a Claim (Article)

August 16th, 2021 | 5 min. read

Don Young Window Warranty: Inclusions, Exclusions, & Filing a Claim (Article)

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Whether you already have Don Young windows or are considering them, understanding your warranty is a key quality to evaluate. 

Sometimes, having the paperwork isn’t enough. When you review your warranty to look for what is covered, often times you’re met with a small fine print filled with technical language that is hard to understand. 

When you experience an issue with your new windows, you want to know what exactly is covered. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple breakdown of your Don Young window warranty that you can actually understand? 

Southwest Exteriors has been a local window replacement contractor in San Antonio for over 30 years. We choose to install Don Young windows because of their high-quality and longevity and ensure that they last for our customers with a high-quality installation. 

A proper installation is the number one thing that you can do to certify the warranty. This is why it’s critical that your installers are certified in each type of window they install. 

If you’re looking for replacement windows, understanding the warranty is important to evaluate whether you like the coverage or not. 

If you already have Don Young windows, it is also important to know what is covered under the warranty in case something goes wrong. 

This article will break down Don Young’s aluminum and vinyl window warranty. We will cover what is included under warranty, what is excluded, and how to file a claim.

After reading, you will understand the limitations of Don Young’s window warranty. Then if you have any issues with your windows, you’ll know whether or not you can file a claim. 

What is covered under Don Young’s window warranty? 

Don Young provides a limited lifetime warranty on your windows for as long as you own and live in your home. Under this warranty, it states that the product will perform without any substantial impairment of operation when properly installed. 

This warranty is transferable once. The new homeowner will have 10 years of coverage from the original date of purchase. The homeowner must have proof of purchase to warrant the windows. 

The warranty only covers residential, not commercial, properties. It does not cover windows in schools, churches, apartments, or other rental properties. 

While this warranty covers the overall operation of the windows, each specific part has different bounds of what is covered. 

If any of these symptoms occur in your windows, Don Young will either provide a new product, part, or component for replacement after it is determined it is warranted. The warranty takes effect on the date of installation.We’ll dive into the individual components and what’s covered for each part next.

Aluminum and vinyl materials

Frames and sashes of a window are warranted against deterioration, cracking, flaking, peeling, rusting, and blistering. 

This essentially covers any aesthetic damage to the window that affects its appearance as well as functionality. 

Mechanical parts

Any mechanical parts, such as balances and locks, are warranted not to break under everyday use. 

Damage caused by improper installation, misuse, vandalism, or other external forces is not covered. 

Screen material

Screens are warranted against rust and rot for as long as you live in your home. This does not include torn screens. 

Insulated glass parts

Windows with insulated glass units are warranted against seal failure that causes moisture or film to form between interior glass surfaces. 

This means that if there is any fogginess between insulated glass panes, it is covered under warranty. 

Understanding the inclusions of your window warranty is crucial to know when something goes wrong. If you experience any issues with your window, you want to know if you can file a claim. 

What is excluded in Don Young’s window warranty? 

Exclusions are vital components to understand in your window warranty. There are limitations to each part of the window that outlines certain damages that are not covered under warranty. 

Typically, window warranty exclusions consist of damages from neglect or improper maintenance, improper installation, and extreme weather conditions. 

Here we will outline the specific exclusions in Don Young’s window warranty, so you know what problems and damages do not warrant a replacement. 

Improper installation

If problems occur due to improper installation, it is not covered under warranty. Quality of installation is just as important as the quality of the window when getting a replacement. 

This is why it is crucial to find a contractor with certified installers to install the windows properly the first time. Otherwise, you will be paying for a brand new window replacement once again. 

Accidental or intentional damage

Any substantial damage to the window, whether accidental or intentional, is not covered under warranty. This includes glass breakage and stress cracks. 

Foundational settling

Over time, the foundation of your home shifts and moves with the earth. This causes window and door frames to shift slightly, and they are not perfectly square. 

If any damage or issues occur from foundational settling/shifting is not covered under warranty. This is because foundational settling is a natural cause and cannot be controlled by Don Young. 

Weather/climate damage and natural wear and tear

Damage from normal weathering, like fading or color change, Acts of God, salt corrosion, and atmospheric pollution are not covered. 

Acts of God refer to extreme weather conditions and natural phenomena that are out of human control. This includes but is not limited to fire, flooding, lightning, hail, windstorms, and earthquakes. 

Insulated glass exclusions

For insulated glass components, several exclusions do not warrant a replacement. 

Exclusions under the umbrella of installation are faulty installation, use in a refrigeration system, and installation anywhere that would be subject to abnormal stress, heat, vibrations, or chemicals. Essentially, any damages that occur from a window installed where it is not intended are not covered. 

Any marks, scratches, spots, blemishes, or streaks on glass are not covered if they are not visible from any angle 6 ft. away from the window. 

Condensation on the glass is also not included under warranty because it occurs naturally due to excessive moisture in the air. 

Knowing the inclusions and exclusions of your window warranty is important to know when you can file a claim. The last thing you want is to file a claim that is rejected for not falling under the warranty coverage. 

What if I need to file a claim on my Don Young windows? 

If you experience any problems listed under the inclusions of the warranty, you must provide this information to the distributor that you purchased your windows from: 

  • Your name, address, and telephone number 

  • Proof of purchase with the date of sale or installation 

  • Brief description of the defect or problem 

  • The product that the claim is about

Don Young will then ship replacement parts to the nearest distributor near you. Shipping and handling charges will also be the responsibility of the homeowner. 

The cost of labor and installation is not included in Don Young’s coverage of the warranty. You may request an in-home service, but a charge will then be applicable. 

Ensuring your Don Young windows are warranted from the start

Because improper installation is not covered under the window warranty, it is important you choose a high-quality contractor that will give you a high-quality installation. 

For instance here at Southwest Exteriors, your installation is backed by our lifetime warranty. This means that we will cover the cost to replace or repair your window for your entire life in your home. 

If you experience problems with your Don Young windows and need to file a claim, contact us, we will handle the rest for you. 

Want to know the best practices for a high-quality window installation? Check out this article that outlines the step-by-step process of a window replacement and some of the best practices.