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Double-Hung Windows: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

September 18th, 2015 | 2 min. read

Double-Hung Windows: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

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Are you planning to replace your windows soon? Windows and doors are susceptible to wear and tear due to constant use. If you want more durable and easy to use windows in San Antonio, take a look at some of the advantages of choosing double-hung windows for your home.

Ease of Installation

If you will choose windows from Southwest Exteriors, installation will never be an issue. Our team of experts is very precise and knowledgeable in proper installation of San Antonio replacement windows which they earned from many years of experience in dealing with various clients in the area.

Ease of Use

Due to its flexible sash design, double-hung windows are easier to use. You can easily tilt each side without the worry of damaging or breaking the glass. Southwest Exteriors uses the latest window technology that makes the glass materials durable and resistant to breakage or damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another great advantage that double-hung windows give homeowners is the ease of maintaining its cleanliness. You can easily rotate and tilt the upper and lower sash of double-hung windows making it easier for homeowners to clean the surface even from inside.

In addition, the security lock system provides an extra layer of protection for families against harmful external elements and burglars.

Wider Range of Style

Double-hung windows also come in variety of styles and designs that cater to a wider range of customers who have unique window needs.

Whether you have a modern, conventional, or a stylish home, you surely have an option to make your home more beautiful when it comes to double-hung windows.

Get a Quote today!

Ease of installation and use are not the only things that define our double-hung windows. Our windows are also known for their energy-efficiency that helps homeowners save on energy costs while keeping their family enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment. Contact us today at (210) 757-4224 and let us install the best windows for your home!