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Window Replacements

Energy Efficient Windows in San Antonio: The Good Kind of Wallet Burns

January 16th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Energy Efficient Windows in San Antonio: The Good Kind of Wallet Burns

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Some modifications you make on your home can turn out to be costly mistakes, but others will be worth every dime. Sarah Widder states in an article for the physics info site Phys.Org:

"Highly insulating triple-pane windows keep a house snug and cozy, but it takes two decades or more for the windows to pay off financially based on utility-bill savings, according to a report by energy efficiency experts at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory."

"For this study, the PNNL team studied the effect of replacing aluminum-frame double-pane windows, which are common in homes across the country, with newer, triple-pane windows, also known as highly insulating windows. The team found that the newer windows slash energy use in the home by 12.2 percent. But because of the cost of the highly insulating windows, it would take anywhere from 23 to 55 years for the reduced energy cost to make up for the increased expense."

The emphasis on energy efficiency will ring bells among San Antonio residents. The great city already offers rebates for commercial users who implement energy-efficiency measures and runs a weatherization program for homeowners. It is also committed to sourcing over a gigawatt of renewable power from its local utility service. Part of winning the never-ending quest for energy efficiency is to install modernized windows through San Antonio, completed by contractors such as Southwest Exteriors.

Energy-Efficient Windows in San Antonio: The Good Kind of Wallet Burns

Choosing the window for your home will partly depend on the current style, as well as special values like the R-number (resistance to heat transfer) and the U-factor (resistance to air flow). An assessment by your window contractor will help figure out the window specifications. In certain cases, the consultation with suppliers of replacement windows in San Antonio, TX like Southwest Exteriors may include running sample shots of the existing windows through a simulation to visualize their final layout before a written quote is ever made.

Widder said a set of triple-pane windows may do the trick in lowering utility expenses, citing a study wherein two homes were compared; one with triple-pane, the other with double-pane. Both houses were put at constant temperatures during summer and winter. The results showed a cumulative savings of at least 12 kWh but can be improved by reducing the size of the ductwork and HVAC system.

Your preferred contractor’s bill for new energy efficient windows may run at least five figures. On the bright side, think of how much money you can save in the long run.

(Article Information and Image from Highly insulating windows are very energy efficient, though expensive,