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Envisioning How to Fit Windows in San Antonio Homes Gets Easier with 3-D Software

September 10th, 2013 | 2 min. read

Envisioning How to Fit Windows in San Antonio Homes Gets Easier with 3-D Software

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Industry NewsEnvisioning how to fit windows in San Antonio homes has gotten easier with the help of 3-D home design software. These computer-aided design (CAD) tools present a realistic rendering of what homes would look like, helping greatly with site planning, landscaping, house construction, room design, and door and window installation.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, couple Julie Friedman and Jonathan Spector got their dream home with the help of design software. The were eyeing a home with a nice garden, but which lacked two bedrooms for their five kids. Instead of searching for another property, they asked design builder Howard Kandel to remodel the home. Using a software called Chief Architect, Howard presented them with a new design—one that proposed that the formal family room be split and converted into two rooms for children.

Friedman gushed that the rendering really let them see what the designer could make their new home look like. “Some of the girls' rooms were going to be these bright fun colors instead of just a plain white room, so he was able to change the color of the walls and change the color of the furniture,” she said. The builder's plan was pursued and later, her family finally moved into their dream home.

In San Antonio, home prices and sales continue to rise. The higher market value has driven more homeowners to remodel their homes. While some proprietors renovate their property to give it a more modern vibe, others transform their houses into energy-efficient homes. Regardless of their preference, using home design software enables them to plan and construct new homes more quickly and easily.

“At the end of the day, very few people have the imagination to be able to look at a set of plans and have any idea of what that's actually going to look like. We can throw in furniture and wall coverings, paint colors and different materials and literally build it probably to 90 to 95 percent of what it's really gonna look like,” explained Howard.

However, software can be complex for people who are not handy with computers. While the most efficient software, like Chief Architect, help home building professionals, homeowners may find learning DIY versions too time-consuming, especially if they simply want to reorganize furniture or set up new windows.

In times when even the most advanced software cannot help homeowners solve their home improvement problems, it is best to seek the help of experts. Southwest Exteriors, a contractor specializing in doors, siding, and replacement windows in San Antonio, is one of the companies that provide exterior designers and an installation team to help homeowners remodel homes even without the aid of computers.