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3 Essential Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

January 24th, 2017 | 1 min. read

3 Essential Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

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Some designs become classics due to the simple fact that they combine utility with attractiveness. The double-hung window is a perfect example of this. Even though countless other window designs have entered the market, this design remains a highly popular choice among homeowners. At Southwest Exteriors, we offer double-hung windows in San Antonio. Here are the primary benefits of this window type:

Double-Hung Windows

Natural Ventilation

For effective ventilation, a room needs at least two openings: an inlet and an outlet. Rooms with two windows can easily achieve this, but what if the room can only accommodate one window?

This is where double-hung windows excel. When both sashes are open, the window provides two separate openings. The stale, warm air rises to the top and exits your home, while the fresh, cool air comes in through the bottom. The bigger the double-hung window is, the more effective the ventilation will be.


Double-hung windows provide any room with a clean, unobtrusive look. With customization options, you can have San Antonio replacement windows that will fit your taste and style. You can choose from a wide selection customization options, including finish and hardware. The grille patterns make an excellent complement to traditional home styles like Colonial, Prairie, or Farmhouse.

Low Maintenance

Some homeowners hesitate to choose double-hung windows because they worry the overlapping sashes will be difficult to clean, especially in a second-story room. This isn’t a problem with double-hung windows, as you can tilt both sashes for safe and easy indoor cleaning.


To learn more about the advantages of double-hung replacement windows in San Antonio, TX, call Southwest Exteriors today at (210) 757-4224. You can also request a free design consultation when you fill out our contact form.