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Exterior Design Lessons For Every Homeowner - Part 3: Exterior Design 101 - Siding

December 2nd, 2015 | 2 min. read

Exterior Design Lessons For Every Homeowner - Part 3: Exterior Design 101 - Siding

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Nothing ties together a home’s overall exterior design than a properly chosen siding as it gives a property that much-needed visual impact that ordinary walls cannot quite provide. It’s always a good thing to have a lot of options but sometimes this makes the selection process overwhelming. Don’t worry. Here are a few design tips to help you get started on finding the right siding for you:

Material affects appearance Several siding material options are available to you, each offering a different look for your home. Feel free to choose any kind of material you want but just make sure that it complements your home’s overall appearance. However, there are certain materials that work well with certain architectural styles. For instance, brick’s traditional look makes it ideal for houses incorporating Tudor, Colonial and English cottage styles, while smooth fiber cement is the go-to choice for contemporary homes. The latter can also work great with Prairie-styled properties when battens are placed over panel joints.

Siding design is also a factor Horizontal lap siding complements symmetrical compositions and simple, boxy forms so it is a great fit with most traditional homes, like those featuring Cape Cod or Colonial styles. Board and batten, on the other hand, can help in making your home appear taller because of its vertical layout. Want a comfortable, rural-inspired look for your home? You can also combine horizontal lap siding with board and batten to achieve this.

Explore your options Taking note of what has typically worked for homeowners for years is a great way to narrow down your siding options. However, the truth is, some non-traditional choices can surprise you in a good way. This is why it’s important to explore all of the options available to you. Even when you have your heart set a on a certain siding, do ask your contractor about alternatives they can present to you. Wooden siding is, for instance, but fiber cement may be able to allow you to play around more with your siding, while still retaining the charming appearance of wood. Available options will also mostly be guided by what a contractor offers so working with a reputable one will ensure that you are only considering top-notch choices for your home.