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Exterior Siding Options: Bring the Beachy Look Back to South Texas

December 2nd, 2017 | 2 min. read

Exterior Siding Options: Bring the Beachy Look Back to South Texas

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A beautiful, beach-style home doesn’t have to come with all that humidity, salty air and sand between your toes. In fact, with the right exterior siding options, you can create a beach-inspired dream home virtually anywhere – even in the heart of Texas. Beach-inspired Beauty

Want to give your home a beachfront makeover without the move? There are quite a few exterior siding options that can help.

Here are just a few of the ways siding can help you achieve a beachy vibe.

  • Color – Beach homes are known for their eclectic and colorful flair. Opt for siding options in light greens, blues, yellows and even pinks – something that stands out and gives off that relaxing, weekend getaway look.
  • Shape – Traditional horizontal siding options certainly have their place, but for a beachy look, you want something a little more unique. Opt for scalloped and shingle siding options to add some fun, visual appeal.
  • Texture – Though wood-grained siding is beautiful, it definitely doesn’t give off that beach-like vibe. After all, wood would warp and weather with all the moisture. Look for flatter, smoother and less textured siding options when seeking the beachfront feel.
  • Application – Add siding to the archways and overhangs to make your home look taller and more majestic – a must in any beachside property.

Paired with the right doors, windows and landscaping, siding can help you get that dreamy beachside look, without all the hassle that comes with waterfront properties. You can even add in a sunroom to bring more light into the space.


Your Beach Home Makeover

At Southwest Exteriors, we can give your home the beachy makeover you’ve been dreaming of. With our array of exterior siding options, as well as door, window and sunroom add-ons, our team can deliver that beach-inspired feel without all the hassle and headache of waterside living.


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