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Can I Fix My Front Door? 3 Signs Door Replacement Is Your Only Option

November 29th, 2022 | 6 min. read

Can I Fix My Front Door? 3 Signs Door Replacement Is Your Only Option

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Is your front door old and worn? Have you been experiencing problems with it for a while? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to fix it?

If this sounds like you, your front door may be dead. We’re sorry to be the ones to break the news to you. 

So, you’re wondering what to do next to fix your front door. Are there any possible solutions, or do you need a full door replacement?

Chances are, if you’ve tried fixing your exterior door over and over again with no luck, a total door replacement will be your only option. But, before researching more, finding the right contractor, and investing in a new door, you want to be sure there are no other options. 

As a San Antonio door replacement contractor since 1989, Southwest Exteriors has helped thousands of homeowners replace their dead doors with something that will last. 

If you don’t need a full door replacement, we aren’t going to tell you to get one. We want to provide you with the right information to have the confidence that you are making the right choice to replace your door. 

This article will outline three of the most common signs you have a dead door and why a full door replacement is your only option. 

After reading, you’ll understand why you are experiencing problems with your door and know why constant fixes and adjustments have not helped. Then, you’ll know the next steps to replace your door to fit your home and your needs. 


3 Signs Your Front Door Is Dead And Needs Replacing

So, you’ve most likely been experiencing problems with your door for years and have been putting off fixing it or finding the right solution. Or maybe you’ve tried to fix it with no success, so you’ve given up on trying to revive it. 

If you suspect you have a dead door, you want to know what may have caused its death and that it’s time to lay it to rest before investing in a full door replacement

Three common symptoms tell you your door is dead. 

  1. The door is extremely weathered or misshapen
  2. There is rotting on or around the door and door frame
  3. You’ve constantly adjusted and attempted to fix the door, but nothing fixes it

Let’s expand on each of these common symptoms so you can understand if this is the cause of death to your exterior door. 


1. The door is extremely weathered or misshapen

One of the most common causes for a dead door is if it has become extremely worn or misshapen during its lifetime. 

Weathering is natural for exterior doors. The older they get, the more weathering they endure. 

Common weathering can look like chipped paint, peeling caulk around the door, loose jambs or thresholds, jiggling locks, and many other ways. Most weathering is caused by external forces, like rain, sunlight, and wind, but it could also be caused by impact or everyday use. 

On some door types, like vinyl doors, a common sign of weathering is if they become distorted or warped. This occurs when the door is exposed to drastically changing temperatures, which causes the door to expand and contract. They then often become warped from their original shape or crack. 

Weathering is natural and can hardly be prevented. However, constant weathering over time with no help or protection will murder your door. 

If your door looks extremely beat up and is not functioning properly, it’s most likely due for a replacement. 

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2. There is rotting on or around the door and door frame

The second reason your door may be dead is if there is any rotting on your door or around the door frame.

Rot occurs when excess moisture becomes trapped in the wood. Moisture combined with sunlight and heat allows a fungus to grow in wood, commonly around and behind door trim. 

If you have a wood door, rot is most common around the bottom edge of the door. Any door and door frame are susceptible to rot if not sealed properly. 

Signs of rot or potential rotting can include pooling or dripping water around the door, moist or squishy door trim, or wood starting to peel, flake, or break off from the door or surrounding trim.

Rot in any part of your home is a serious issue. If not treated immediately, it can easily spread. Once severe rot has infiltrated your door, your only option is to replace the entire door system

Ensuring your new door is installed properly is crucial to protecting it against future water infiltration and rot. If you live in a particularly humid or rainy climate, consider choosing a non-wood replacement door, like fiberglass or high-quality vinyl.


3. You’ve constantly adjusted and attempted to fix the door, but nothing fixes it

The third most common sign you have a dead door is if you’ve continuously attempted to adjust the door and fix the problems you’ve experienced with no success. 

You can only adjust a door so many times. If you’ve adjusted and attempted to fix your door and parts of the door system, chances are it has just become old and worn out. 

If the underlying problem with your door is around the jambs, like if your door was not opening or closing properly and was loose at the hinges, the only real way to fix it is with a full door replacement. 

A full door replacement will allow your new door to be properly leveled within the frame and ensure it is sealed fully around the edges. To ensure your full door replacement will provide you with a long-term solution, it must be installed properly.

If your new door is not installed properly, you could experience the same functionality issues as before and end up right back where you started. 


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Replacing your exterior door with something that will last 

Now that you know three common symptoms that indicate your door is dead, you can better understand why a full door replacement is your only option. 

  • If your door is extremely weathered, deteriorated, or warped, not replacing it can lead to water infiltration and rot. 
  • If you notice rotting on or around your door, this is a serious issue. Replacing your entire door system will allow a professional to provide you with the right solution and inspect behind your door to ensure the rot has not spread into your home. 
  • If you’ve attempted to fix and adjust your door repeatedly with no success or solution found, this is the biggest sign your door has died. 


Overall, if you’ve attempted to fix any issues in your door but haven’t been able to keep it functioning, your door is dead. 

When this is the case, you must find a professional contractor to provide you with helpful solutions and allow you to trust them with your home. 

How do you find a trustworthy door replacement contractor? By researching, knowing what to look for, and asking the right questions. 

This article will outline nine questions to ask a door replacement contractor during a consultation. Then, you’ll be equipped with the right information to find the right company for your project to ensure your needs are met. 


Looking for the right company for your San Antonio door replacement? 

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We exclusively offer full-door replacements. This means your new door will be installed properly, leveled, and last a lifetime in your home. On top of that, we will cover any issues you may experience in the future under our warranty for as long as you own your home.  

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