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Going Green? Here Are Some Things to Consider

October 21st, 2015 | 2 min. read

Going Green? Here Are Some Things to Consider

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Thinking of going green? You are on the right path. By making the leap to green living, you are not just thinking of living in comfort but you will also be helping conserve, preserve, and save the environment. However, before you make the big switch, it’s important to know that there are a lot of things that you need to consider.

As one of the preferred installers of San Antonio siding replacement, Southwest Exteriors would like to help you effectively plan your way to creating an eco-friendly home. Here are some effective tips that we tell our customers.


Reality check! Installing eco-friendly roof, door, window, and other home improvement projects at home is not cheap. It can be very expensive and some may not be financially ready to take this step.

As an experienced home improvement and remodeling company in San Antonio, we make sure to explain to customers the cost that they need to invest in once they decide to use eco-friendly materials. Through our free estimates and no-obligation home consultation, we help them map out and plan their budget if they are really into going green. Having an eco-friendly home may be expensive. But it is a long-term investment.

Condition of Your Home

Not all homes can easily have an eco-friendly home improvement project. Before installing any eco-friendly item in your home, make sure that you have a good HVAC system. A house with an inefficient and old HVAC system may not benefit from any eco-friendly renovations. We suggest fixing any issue with your HVAC system first before starting any eco-friendly project.

Aside from that, we also make a thorough inspection of houses and assess the location and environment. This way, we will be able to recommend the best eco-friendly material suitable for our clients.


For sure, customers will have a distinct taste and style when it comes to their home. That is why, during our free home consultation, we ask them about the things that they want and prefer and give our best to meet their expectations. We also suggest ideas to further improve what they have in mind.

Industry Codes and Standards

There are industry codes and standards that need to be considered before installing eco-friendly materials in any home. As a licensed home improvement and remodeling company, we study and understand these codes and standard and religiously apply them to all our work. This is to protect our customers and also our company’s credibility.

These are just some of the things that we need to consider when we decide to go green. As a trusted provider of siding in San Antonio, we offer a wide variety of services that use eco-friendly material. If you want to know more about these services, contact us at (210) 828-5555 today!