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HardiePanel Vertical Siding Provides a Unique Look

November 21st, 2017 | 1 min. read

HardiePanel Vertical Siding Provides a Unique Look

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In today’s real estate market, the farmhouse look is in - just tune into any HGTV show and see for yourself. But while those TV designers might lead you to believe you’ll need thousands of dollars, a whole team of contractors or even a new property in order to make it happen, fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, achieving the farmhouse aesthetic isn’t expensive or difficult. In fact, all you need is the right product: HardiePanel vertical siding. HardiePanel Vertical Siding is the Answer

HardiePanel vertical siding is the easiest, most affordable recipe around for today’s trending farmhouse look. Unique and modern, yet clean and traditional, it melds well with all architectural styles, home sizes and neighborhoods.

HardiePanel siding is also:

  • Textured - Hardie siding is available in dozens of textures, including many wood-grain ones. Popular options are the Beaded Cedarmill and the Colonial Roughsawn, which both give off that shabby chic, farmhouse vibe many are looking for.
  • Available in wood tones - Choose from all sorts of wood-toned siding options, including faded, off-white ones, rich browns and tans or even blues and reds--whichever fits your farmhouse style best.
  • Perfect for all heights - Vertical siding is great for emphasizing high arches, angles, porches and gables, making it perfect for large estates, barns and ranch house style homes.
You can even use HardiePanel vertical siding on flooring, as an accent or to add visual interest. Add it on exterior garages, sheds and other on-site structures to further that farmhouse look even more.

Find Your Farmhouse Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Achieving today’s in-demand farmhouse look doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle. Contact Southwest Exteriors today to learn more about HardiePanel vertical siding and how it can help you achieve your design goals. Our consultations are complimentary and free of charge.