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HardiePlank Cladding: Low-Maintenance Siding for Any Home

September 28th, 2017 | 1 min. read

HardiePlank Cladding: Low-Maintenance Siding for Any Home

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HardiePlank cladding is an ideal way to add value and durability to your home's exterior. That's because HardiePlank cladding, unlike vinyl, is a solid, substantial product.

Its insulation value is similar to that of wood, without the drawbacks of wood siding. Southwest Exteriors is proud to include HardiePlank cladding among the many fine products we install. What Is HardiePlank Cladding? HardiePlank is crafted from cellulose fibers bonded together with a fibrous cement-like binder. Here's what you need to know:

  • HardiePlank cladding is far safer than vinyl siding. That's because vinyl can catch on fire, while HardiePlank is fireproof. This can make all the difference in case of an emergency.
  • HardiePlank is available with an embossed texture that makes its appearance virtually identical to that of real wood. Yet, unlike wood, HardiePlank is invulnerable to moisture damage. It will never shrink, warp, crack, or develop mold.
  • HardiePlank cladding from Southwest Exteriors will never lose its vibrant colors. We guarantee it. Compare this to wood, which requires repainting every few years.
  • Installing HardiePlank cladding is a perfect way to set your home apart as a place of distinction. When it comes time to sell, this will be invaluable.
As you can see, HardiePlank cladding has all the features you could want in a siding material. Of course, enjoying its benefits requires choosing the right contractor. HardiePlank is less common than vinyl, so you may have a harder time finding contractors that have enough experience working with it. You'll never have that problem when you choose Southwest Exteriors to handle your home improvement project. Our people are experts when it comes to HardiePlank cladding. They will do the job on time and on budget, enabling you to relax and enjoy the results of your smart investment. So call us today at 210-485-1682 for your custom quote on installing HardiePlank cladding.