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HardiePlank®: The Perfect Siding for Your San Antonio Home

April 27th, 2015 | 2 min. read

HardiePlank®: The Perfect Siding for Your San Antonio Home

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Dressing up your home starts with picking the right siding. Given the plethora of siding options on the market, anyone making that choice can easily hit a roadblock. So what are you supposed to do?

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No worries, we’ve discovered the option that will tick all the boxes in your “perfect siding” checklist: HardiePlank® from James Hardie®. It’s the best-selling siding in San Antonio and the rest of the country! Here’s why:

Maximum Protection

Texas is notorious for being part of the Tornado Alley. Anyone who’s lived here for many years knows how active storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes get during the spring and summer months. Naturally, we understand the concerns many homeowners have with protecting their property.

HardiePlank fiber-cement lap siding has been Engineered for Climate®. Built to last, it can withstand the elements no matter how bad they get. You don’t have to worry about them expanding or contracting even when moisture and humidity levels fluctuate. They’re perfect for areas like San Antonio, where days can be dry one summer day and steamy the next.

Design Flexibility

In San Antonio, as in any neighborhood in America, how your home looks matters greatly. Curb appeal is a major reason homeowners replace their siding. Another is the value a better-performing and better-looking siding can add to the home. Based on the “2015 Cost Vs. Value Report” by Remodeling, a mid-range siding replacement in Texas can return up to 81% of your investment.

Picking your home’s next exterior cladding can be tough, but James Hardie can make it really exciting. HardiePlank uses ColorPlus® Technology, where color is baked on rather than painted for lasting appeal. Because HardiePlank resists fading, warping, chipping, and cracking, your home can stay beautiful for a long time!

Although James Hardie colors easily match any design scheme, here are some secrets you might want to know about:

  • Get inspiration from nature. Recreate desert sands on your walls by going with a brown, red, deep orange, or warm yellow siding. These color schemes suit Craftsman or ranch-style homes popular in the area.
  • Embrace the dark side. Siding in grays, blues, or deep green favors contemporary designs. It becomes really dramatic when used in contrast with a white trim. Dark siding works in both old-fashioned neighborhoods and urban blocks.
  • Lighten up a little. Take cues from the opposite end of the spectrum. White siding (even gentle pastels) give off a clean, pure, and bright look. They’re great for Colonial homes or charming cottages. Add a little bold trimming for more personality.

Worry-Free Installation

Not all contractors can offer and install HardiePlank siding. In these parts, homeowners trust only Southwest Exteriors to take care of their San Antonio siding replacement. As a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler, we have met and exceeded the highest standards for installing the best siding in the business.

Turn to our expertly trained crews for a virtually stress-free siding replacement experience! Call us at (210) 757-4224 to get started.