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Hire a Reliable Contractor to Avoid Inconsistencies

July 5th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Hire a Reliable Contractor to Avoid Inconsistencies

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Delayed home renovation projects can be a huge pain. These situations force us to take drastic measures that we might end up regretting in the long run. A homeowner in San Antonio TX shares his experience as he reported his delayed house renovation project to, demanding either a refund or completion of the long overdue house project:

 Martinez gave Munoz an estimate of $2300 for materials and labor. Munoz agreed to let Martinez do the work, which started right away.

Martinez was first given $500 to buy stone and mortar, which he did. Next, Martinez poured a new foundation for the rock walls. As soon as the cement dried, Martinez began laying the stonework.

Munoz said he was impressed with the rate at which Martinez was laying the stone.

At the end of one day, Martinez told Munoz he would need more money to buy supplies. Munoz said this happened several times, until he had given Martinez roughly $2000 out of the original $2300 price tag. That, according to Munoz, is when the problems began.

Munoz said Martinez stopped showing up. Only two walls had been partially built, and despite numerous calls, Munoz said Martinez would not go back.

No-show contractors are extremely annoying. This rather common scenario can actually be avoided by a lot of homeowners in order for them to save not only their time, effort, and money, but ultimately their house as well.

For one, researching is crucial. This guarantees homeowners the quality they long look for. For small house beautification projects such as windows and door upgrades, these should always be referred to a trustworthy contractor of doors in San Antonio to ensure the security, longevity and quality of the materials used for your home.

In fact, hiring a certified contractor of doors allows homeowners to choose over a wide variety of styles of doors that no “fly-by-night” contractor of exterior doors in San Antonio can offer.

So how do we know that a contractor is reliable and certified? In getting the right contractor, homeowners should be able to check if a contractor has been in the industry, due to its years of:

  • Experience
  • Tenure
  • Excellence
  • Recognition
So no matter how big or small, easy or complicated, your project is, hiring a competent, reliable, and certified contractor like Southwest Exteriors in the state is essential to get the highest quality of materials and services you deserve.

(Article Excerpt From Contractor leaves garage job unfinished after fast-start,, June 15, 2014)