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Home Siding Options that DON’T Look Like Wood

November 9th, 2017 | 1 min. read

Home Siding Options that DON’T Look Like Wood

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Siding is a great way to protect your home and add visual interest. But today’s home siding options have gotten too cookie-cutter. They’re all wood, wood-toned or wood look-alikes with a flimsy, fake-wood feeling, and they just don’t deliver on quality or appeal.

Are you looking for something better? Want home siding options that break the mold a little more? Then try these options:

Shingled or scalloped siding

Arguably some of the most interesting home siding options around, shingle and scalloped siding gives homes a distinctive look. Looking for a clean, crisp farmhouse inspired home? Opt for scalloped siding. Want a rich, Cape Cod-esque property? Shingled siding is the way to go. You can also choose to install traditional lap siding vertically, which can boost visual interest even more.

Smooth siding

Forget the traditional woodgrain look, and try siding options with a flat, smooth surface instead. Smooth siding makes properties appear more pulled together and better cared for - a big plus if you want to up your resale value. They’re also easy to paint - and paint over again in the future!

Colorful siding

Want to give your home an extra little pop? Steer clear of traditional wood-toned siding, and choose options in a richer, more unique color. Home siding comes in all sorts of hues, including reds, blues, greys and even greens. Pick one that will up your curb appeal and add visual interest.

HardiePlank siding

When compared to traditional wood siding, HardiePlank is head and shoulders above the pack. With longer durability, easier maintenance and a host of colors and styles, it lets you truly customize your home’s exterior aesthetic.

When it comes to home siding options, there’s more than just wood ones (or wood look-alikes.) Want more choices when customizing your home’s look? Contact Southwest Exteriors for a free consultation . Our siding experts will help you choose the perfect siding for your property and budget.