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3 Home Siding Options That Prove Color Matters

December 22nd, 2016 | 2 min. read

3 Home Siding Options That Prove Color Matters

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When it comes to home siding options, you need to be as mindful of its looks as you are of its durability and longevity. You need to make sure it comes with the right color palette to help your home create a bigger impression from the curb. Let Southwest Exteriors, one of the top siding contractors in San Antonio, TX, help you decide on the right exterior color through these tips.

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  1. Use earthy, natural colors. You can easily set off your home’s beauty and the rich Texas landscape by integrating earth tones in your exterior color scheme. For instance, choose a soft, chocolate brown for the body, which you can accentuate with olive front steps and foundation. To complement the color of your front steps, use a gentler shade of olive as window trim. Finally, choose a vibrant russet with orange undertones for the front door. Traditional ranch and Craftsman homes can benefit aesthetically from this warm siding color option.
  2. Choose calming colors like gray and blue. Look to the wide open sky as a guide for your siding color. Grays and blues evoke a serene feel for your home. For instance, you can pair stone-colored siding with white trim and a slate blue entry door. This color scheme for your siding in San Antonio can give your home a shiny and clean look, making it stand out from the background.
  3. Incorporate bold, refreshing hues like green or yellow. This offers a great way of seamlessly connecting your home with a lush, green background. Green always looks fresh and inviting as siding color. You can pair this with a softer green for accent trim or a darker one for the foundation. Yellow looks perfect for smaller, casual homes such as bungalows. Its bright hue doesn’t just evoke a cheery look; it also gives the illusion of a larger home.

When in need of extensive home siding options, turn to Southwest Exteriors, your expert in San Antonio siding replacement. We only use lovely and durable James Hardie® fiber cement siding for this service. It comes in a wide selection of sleek finishes via ColorPlus® Technology, which works by applying consistent, multiple coats onto the siding inside a controlled environment. This results in finishes that last longer than a regular paint job. From Chestnut Brown and Countrylane Red to Mountain Sage, you won’t lack for color options when you turn to us.

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