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How Much Does A Fiberglass Front Door Replacement Cost In 2023?

February 10th, 2023 | 5 min. read

How Much Does A Fiberglass Front Door Replacement Cost In 2023?

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Fiberglass front doors are one of the most popular entry doors manufactured. They are durable, weather-resistant, and can be made to look like real wood without the required maintenance. 

Because fiberglass has many attractive qualities and can stand in your home for decades, it comes with a price. 

At Southwest Exteriors, we offer high-quality entry door replacements with fiberglass doors from ProVia and other front door options from Iron Envy. 

While we do install these doors, we are not here to convince you how incredible they are. We want to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-educated decision for your front door replacement. 

So, if you’re interested in fiberglass front doors, you want to know how much it will cost. 


How Much Do Fiberglass Front Doors Cost In 2023? (Ranges And Factors)

In 2023, a fiberglass front door costs $700 - $4,000 for a standard 36 in. x 80 in. door. 

  • If you want a lower-quality, less expensive fiberglass door, you can purchase one for around $700 at a Big Box hardware store. But, you must include the cost of installation and labor in your door replacement project. 
  • For a high-quality fiberglass door replacement, expect to pay around $4,000 and up for a high-quality full door replacement


What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Front Door Replacement? 

Fiberglass doors are one of the most durable replacement doors available. But, you must understand what factors affect the cost of a fiberglass door.


1. Construction Of The Door

How well a door is made, and the details of the door directly affect its cost. The higher the quality of a door, the better it will perform and the more it will cost. 

This is why there can be such a wide range of costs in replacement doors because there is a wide range in quality. 

The details of how a front door is made also affect its cost. For example, front doors can be made with multiple panels and mullions that separate the panels. The more detailed the panels and the more panels there are, the more it will cost. 


2. Customizations And Design

On replacement doors, the two major design options are the glass decorativeness and the skin profile of the door. Other smaller customizations include hardware style and finish, color, and added transoms and trim. 

You can make your door as custom and elaborate or as simple as you wish. If you want a highly unique front door to reflect your personality, remember to leave room in your budget to do so. 


3. Installation

The quality of installation and what’s included in your door installation is the third major factor that affects the overall cost. 

A full door replacement consists of replacing the entire door system, which includes the slab, jambs, threshold, trim, painting, and more. Replacing the entire door system will be more expensive than if you purchase your door at a Big Box store and install it yourself or only replace the slab.

If you want a high-quality entry door installation that will last in your home, it will cost more than if you hire a neighborhood handyman. What is included in the installation and the quality of installation will influence the cost of your door replacement project. 


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Finding The Right Fiberglass Front Door For You

Now that you know how much a fiberglass front door costs and what factors most affect the cost of your project, you can have realistic expectations for how much your project will cost. 

A fiberglass replacement door can cost you anywhere from $700 to upwards of $4,000. 

  • If you want to replace your front door yourself and aren’t concerned about having the highest quality door and installation, you can find a fiberglass door at Big Box hardware stores, like Home Depot or Lowe’s, for $700 and up. With this, you must factor in the cost of finishing, trim work, and painting, which can add $500 - $1,000 to your project.
  • For a front door replacement with a professional contractor, expect to pay around $4,000 as a starting cost for a high-quality full door replacement. 

Finding the right front door solution for you all depends on your wants, goals, and needs for your project. The higher quality you want your door to be, the more it will cost. 

Not sure where to start to create the right budget for your project? Check out this five-step guide to creating the perfect budget for your door replacement project.


(P.S. Want to replace your San Antonio door with a contractor you can trust? Schedule your commitment-free consultation with Southwest Exteriors today and learn more about our high-quality fiberglass front doors!)