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How Much Does A Front Door Replacement In San Antonio Cost?

January 24th, 2023 | 9 min. read

How Much Does A Front Door Replacement In San Antonio Cost?

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Your front door is one of the first impressions of your home. Friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers walk through your door and enter your home year-round, so you want yours to reflect who you are. 

Whether your door has become old and worn, isn’t working properly, or you just want an upgrade, a front door replacement is a big investment. 

A San Antonio front door replacement can cost anywhere from $800 to over $7,000. 

For a lower-quality, less expensive door replacement, you may pay anywhere from $800 to $3,500 as a starting cost. 

For a high-quality and long-lasting front door replacement, the average cost is about $4,500 - $7,800 depending on the cost and quality of the door and installation. 

As a San Antonio door replacement company since 1989, Southwest Exteriors wants you to understand what goes into the cost of a full replacement. 

In home remodeling, cost and quality have a direct relationship. The better you know why your door replacement project costs what it does, the better you can have realistic expectations and your needs met for your project. 


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Front Door Replacement 

To understand how much your door replacement will cost, you must know what components make up the overall cost of your project. 


1. Material

The most popular types of doors are wood, fiberglass, metal, and iron, and they all range in price. 

While it is difficult to give an exact price on each type of door, we will provide ranges on how much each door can cost you, from the least expensive door to higher-end options. 



The most common type of metal front doors are made out of steel and aluminum. Metal is resistant to weather and can protect from insect infestation.

They are becoming more popular by giving your home a more modern look. 

Aluminum and steel doors can cost anywhere from $800 - $1,300 for a lower-end installation and go up to $5,250 for a high-quality installation. 



Fiberglass doors are slightly more durable than vinyl and are versatile in style. They can mimic the look of wood without all the extra maintenance. 

Fiberglass doors cost around $700 - $3,500 on the lower end and start at $5,800 for a high-quality installation.  



Wood products are classic and sturdy and have been around before metal, viny,l and fiberglass doors. The most popular types of wood for doors are pine, fir, cedar, mahogany, and oak.

Like anything made of wood, these have the highest need for maintenance and upkeep to keep them functional. 

Wood doors can cost anywhere from $900 - $2,500 on the lower end and have a starting cost of $4,500 for a high-quality installation. 



Iron doors with large glass panels are another popular material on the rise for a modern look. For a home with a beautiful view, iron might be the aesthetic you are looking for. 

Full iron doors start at $2,800 for just the door and $4,800 - $6,800 for a professional installation but can go much higher, depending on the size and customization.

Just like windows and siding, the material of your replacement door is a large factor in the cost.


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2. Construction Of The Door

Along with its material, the quality of the construction of the door will be another element of the price. This refers to how well the door is made. 

Similar to installation and all the parts that should come with a replacement door, the construction of the door also has multiple elements. 

A door can have multiple panels and mullions or sections that separate panels

The lock stile is the side panel of the door where the lock and knob are on, and there is a mid, bottom, and top rail that is the border of the door.

With all of these elements, a variety of styles and designs go into the door's construction and craftsmanship. 

Simply put, how well the door is made and what specific additions are included will be considered in the door’s cost. 

Lower-quality doors you can buy at Big Box stores will not be as durable or long-lasting as custom, high-quality doors manufactured by a specialty replacement door company. 


3. Customizations And Design

For door replacements, the two main custom design options you have to choose from are the glass decorativeness and skin profile of the door. Other smaller customizations include hardware style and finish, color, and added transoms and trim. 

Glass Design

With any customization, the more complex it is, the more it will cost. For any decorative glasswork on the door, it can add to the overall cost depending on how detailed the design is. 

A standard, rectangular-shaped glass window will be less expensive than a glass window with a floral design. 

Along with the glass design, the type of glass will affect the cost as well. There are various textures and films you can choose for the glass on your door. 

Each addition and customization to the door glass will increase the cost.


The skin of a door refers to the outer finish that can be applied to give the door a certain texture. Just like with the glass design, there are a variety of different smooth and textured skin finishes to choose from depending on the look you want.

Popular door skin options are smooth and wood grain to make your door mimic the look of real wood. 

If you know you want a complex glass design or a different skin option, it is important to make sure that you find a contractor that is more specialized and has experience with those designs.


You will also want to ensure you leave room in your budget to allow you to customize your front door to your liking, and know that each customization will add up. 


4. Installation

The largest contributor to the cost of replacing your door is the installation. While you might only think of a door replacement as replacing only the door, there are many components of the door that any good installer will replace as well.

Here are the parts of a full door system that should be replaced for a quality installation:

  • Slab: This is what most would consider a door. It is the piece that swivels open and closed.
  • Jamb: This is what connects the slab to the wall. The jamb is typically made of wood and consists of two verticals, a top or head, and a bottom jamb known as the threshold. 
  • Hinges: These are used to connect the slab to the jamb and allow the slab to open and close.
  • Threshold: This is the bottom component of the jamb used for protection from outside elements. It is typically made of wood but can also be made from fiberglass or metal.
  • Sill: The sill goes along with the threshold and is fastened to the floor to add overall stability to the door jamb. 
  • Trim: The trim is what borders the interior and exterior of the door to give it a finished appearance.
  • Hardware: Locks, handles, and knobs should be replaced with a new door. 
  • Caulk and paint: The final step to any door replacement is to caulk and paint around and on the trim. There must be a proper seal between the trim to protect the interior of your home, and the paint offers extra protection to the trim.

That’s a lot to include in a full-door replacement. However, each of these components should be included for a quality installation that is going to last. 

You can only pay a few hundred dollars to replace only the slab in your frame, but chances are, if something is wrong around your door, it is one or more of the surrounding components that need replacing. 

Like any home remodeling project, what is included in the installation is going to drive the cost and determine the quality of the outcome. 


Realistic Expectations For Your Door Replacement

Now that you know the top four factors that affect the cost of a front door replacement in San Antonio, you can outline your goals for your project and have realistic expectations for how much your new door will cost. 

If you are looking for a simple front door replacement and aren’t concerned about the quality or longevity, expect to pay about $900 or more. 

On the other hand, if you want a high-quality product that will last in your San Antonio home, the cost of your project will start more around $4,500. 

Depending on your goals for your project, remember the cost is dependent on

  1. The material of the door
  2. Construction of the door
  3. Design customizations
  4. Installation of the door

Determining what you want out of your new front door will help you to have realistic expectations for the overall cost of your project. Then, you can create the right budget for you. 


Replace Your Door With A Contractor You Can Trust 

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality entry and patio door solutions from Marvin, ProVia, and Anlin.

Our expert installation, paired with our lifetime warranty, guarantees your new door will last in your home. When you work with Southwest Exteriors, you build a lifelong relationship. 

Upgrade your front door and work with a trustworthy company to get the look you love coming home to!