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How Much Does A Vinyl Sliding Patio Door Cost In 2023?

February 21st, 2023 | 6 min. read

How Much Does A Vinyl Sliding Patio Door Cost In 2023?

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Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for sliding patio doors. With its sleek profile and exceptional performance, this type of door can fit any home and improve its energy efficiency. 

One major benefit of this door type is its cost. Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials used for replacement doors. So, if you’re interested in this material for your new patio door, one of the first things you wonder about is how much it will cost

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality vinyl sliding patio doors from Anlin and ProVia. We install these doors because of their numerous benefits, like durability, longevity, and ease of operation. 

But we aren’t here to talk about how great vinyl sliding doors are and convince you to buy one. 

We are here to educate you on all the information you need to know everything there is for your door replacement project, including how much it costs. 


How Much Do Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors Cost In 2023? (Factors and Ranges)

A standard 72 in. x 80 in. vinyl sliding patio door can cost anywhere from $500 to upwards of $4,800 as a starting cost for a professional installation. 

  • You can purchase a vinyl sliding patio door from Big Box stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, for as little as $500. This cost will not include the cost of installation and labor. 
  • For a lower-end vinyl door and installation with a contractor, expect to pay around $3,000 for a vinyl door and installation. 
  • For a high-quality full patio door installation, the average starting price is around $4,800, including the cost of the door, installation, services, warranty, and more. 

As you can see, there is a wide range in pricing for these patio doors. While they are a more affordable material, a large portion of the cost is installation. 


What Are Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding doors are a convenient and stylish option for any space. They consist of one or more panels that glide open on a track or rollers, making them perfect for tight spaces that can't accommodate traditional swinging doors.

One of the main advantages of sliding doors is that their panels don't open into your room, allowing for easy access and perfect for rooms with furniture in the way. Choose a sliding door that best suits your requirements, and enjoy the ease of use and modern elegance it brings to your home.


What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Patio Door Replacement? 

While the material of your new door heavily affects the overall cost, a crucial part of understanding the total cost of your project is knowing what factors will also influence the cost. 


1. Construction and Design

The construction and design of your patio door refer to how well the door is made, the size of the door, and what details are included in the design of the door

  • The quality of how well a door is made directly affects the overall cost of the door. The better the door is manufactured, the better it performs and lasts longer. This translates to a higher price tag. 
  • The standard size for a sliding patio door is 72 in. x 80 in. This size is typically two large panels with one sliding door. If you want a double-sliding door or added sidelites to your patio door, it will cost more. 
  • The design of the door refers to the details that come with the construction of the door, such as the trim style, locking mechanism, and screen. 

The higher the quality of a door, the more it will cost. For the least expensive door on the market, your door will not last as long as others or perform as well as higher-quality vinyl doors. 


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2. Customizations 

On top of the design and construction of a door, you must consider any customizations you may add to your patio door. 

Common customizations for sliding patio doors include the finish style, trim style, hardware finish, locking mechanisms, screen upgrades, and glass. 

On sliding doors, the glass makes up over 80% of the entire door. So, customizing your glass with more energy-efficient glass coatings or tints will increase the cost but improve the performance as well. 

Whether you want to customize every element of your new patio door or only want the simplest design, it’s important to include room in your budget to meet your needs. 


3. Installation

Even if you purchase the highest quality vinyl patio door on the market, it will not perform or last as long as it should if it is not installed correctly. 

If you plan to buy your new door from a Big Box store, consider how much it will cost to hire someone to install it. If you want the highest quality door and installation, it will cost more. 

This is why having realistic expectations for the cost and quality of your door replacement is essential to finding the right door replacement contractor and solution for you. 


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Finding The Best Vinyl Sliding Patio Door For You

Now that you know how much vinyl patio doors cost and what factors affect the cost of your project, you can have realistic expectations for how much your project will cost. 

Vinyl patio doors are, being one of the most popular materials for sliding doors, other many benefits for any homeowner. 

  • If you want a high-quality vinyl patio door that will last in your home, expect to pay around $4,800 and up for a professional installation. 
  • If you need a short-term solution to replacing your patio door and want the least expensive option, you can find vinyl doors for around $500. You can also hire a less expensive contractor for around $3,000, but your new door will not last as long as one of higher quality. 

The quality, performance, and longevity of your new patio door all depend on your wants, goals, and budget for your project. 

If you want a door that is going to last in your home, expect to pay more. But, if you aren’t concerned about quality and longevity, then the cheapest option may be right for you. 

Creating the right budget is the first step to finding the right vinyl sliding patio door for your home. Check out this five-step guide to creating the perfect budget for your door replacement project.


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