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How Much Does Metal Siding Cost In 2023?

April 4th, 2023 | 4 min. read

How Much Does Metal Siding Cost In 2023?

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Metal siding is one of the oldest siding types available, next to wood siding. 

Steel is the most common metal siding and has numerous benefits, like the lack of maintenance required, durability, and water resistance. 

So, if you’re interested in metal siding for your home, you most likely want something that is weather-resistant and will last. With this, you also want to know how much it will cost you. 

At Southwest Exteriors, we exclusively offer James Hardie fiber cement siding because of its proven quality and ability to withstand the harsh South Texas climate. 

While we only offer this type of siding, we want to educate you on how much composite siding costs so you can have the right information and make the best decisions for your project.

This article will outline how much metal siding costs in 2023 and what factors influence the total cost of your project. 


How Much Does Metal Siding Cost? 

Metal siding costs around $4,500 - $15,000 for 1,500 square feet of siding in 2023. This is a standard cost for professional installation and does not include soffit or fascia replacement. 

Metal siding is one of the more affordable options for a siding replacement. But, even though it is less expensive than others, it is still a durable option to protect your home. 

When calculating the cost of your metal siding replacement, you must also factor in the cost of labor and installation. If you purchase your metal siding from a Big Box store, you will need to pay someone to install it if you aren’t installing it yourself. 

For a high-quality metal siding installation, it will cost more. 


What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Metal Siding Replacement? 

While metal siding is a more affordable option for a siding replacement, many factors will affect the total cost of your project


1. Square Footage Of Your Project

The square footage of your siding to be replaced is the biggest factor that affects the cost of your siding project.

When you think about it, installing 700 square feet of siding is less expensive than installing 1,500 square feet of siding, right?

You must also consider the square footage of any other areas you may replace along with your siding, like the soffit and fascia. Any added square footage, no matter where it is, will add to the cost.


2. Condition Of Your Current Siding

A substrate is needed to protect your home’s walls and help the siding on top last longer.  

The cost of any needed square footage of substrate will increase the cost of your project. 

If your siding is in good condition, it may be used as substrate. This would decrease the overall cost of your project. 


3. Added Customizations

Any customization you make to your metal siding will always increase the cost. 

Common customizations for replacement siding include the board profile, size, shape, and color. 

Remember that if you want to make any unique customizations to your siding, you must leave room in your budget to do so. 


4. Recommended Additions For Your Project

A siding replacement is a siding replacement. But, if you have other exterior areas that need attention, a professional siding replacement contractor will most likely advise you to include repairing or replacing them along with your siding. 

Recommended additions for a siding replacement include soffit and fascia replacement, trim replacement, and exterior painting.

Any added area for repair or replacement to your siding project will increase the cost. 


Replace Your Siding With The Right Metal Siding

Now that you know how much composite siding costs and what factors affect the cost, you can have realistic expectations for the cost and quality of your project. 

Composite siding is a durable and long-lasting siding material that is ideal for many types of climates. 

  • If you are a long-term homeowner looking for durable replacement siding that will last on your home, composite siding may be the right siding choice for you. 
  • If you are a short-term homeowner looking for less expensive siding and aren’t concerned about durability or longevity, composite siding may not be the best for you.

Any siding replacement is a big investment. But because composite siding is more expensive than others, it’s important to find the right company to install your siding to ensure its success. 

But how do you find the right company to work with?

Check out this article that outlines how to find the right home remodeling contractor in three simple steps. Then, you’ll know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask to choose the best company for your stucco siding installation. 


Interested in replacing your San Antonio siding with high-quality fiber cement siding? Schedule your commitment-free consultation with Southwest Exteriors today!