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Window Replacements

Installing Replacement Windows is Never Hard with Southwest Exteriors

April 17th, 2017 | 1 min. read

Installing Replacement Windows is Never Hard with Southwest Exteriors

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America is a land of do-it-yourselfers. We think that spirit is great, but it’s best to leave some jobs to the pros. That includes installing replacement windows. Here’s why we say that:

  • One of the great things about new windows is that they come with multi-year warranties for your protection. But in most cases, enjoying these important guarantees hinges upon having them installed by a qualified contractor. Skip this important step and you may find yourself out of luck down the road.
  • Installing replacement windows is the construction world’s equivalent of major surgery. Once you have the old units out, you will have gaping holes in your house until the new ones are in place. It’s best to have a professional on the job to minimize downtime and risk to your home.
  • There are instructional videos and tips on sites like YouTube that can walk you through the basics of installing replacement windows. However, those materials can’t offer guidance if you run into something unforeseen during the process. For example, what do you do if the opening is out of square? Or if the sills are rotted, moldy, or termite-infested? Or if you break a pane while trying to install the new window? Ask any seasoned carpenter and he will tell you to always expect the unexpected when doing residential construction work. That could leave you scrambling for help at the worst possible moment if you’re trying to tackle this project yourself.
  • You work hard every day. Career, family time, and other responsibilities fill up most of your life. Do you really want to spend what little leisure time you have sweating and straining when you could be relaxing instead? Installing replacement windows is a terrible way to spend your day off when a licensed, professionally trained contractor could be doing the work for you.
So, when it comes to installing replacement windows, give yourself a break by leaving the work to Southwest Exteriors. Call us today at 210-485-1682 to set up your free, no-obligation estimate.