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Kool Deck vs. Penntek Industrial Coatings: Which Is Better For A Pool Deck Coating?

September 20th, 2022 | 11 min. read

Kool Deck vs. Penntek Industrial Coatings: Which Is Better For A Pool Deck Coating?

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So, you’re considering upgrading your outdoor space by adding a new concrete coating around your swimming pool. 

You know you want something durable, safe, and long-lasting, but you also want it to look nice in your backyard. 

Maybe your neighbor has a coolcrete coating around their swimming pool, but you’ve also seen polyurea chip concrete coatings used on garage floors, outdoor patios, and pool decks. 

Coolcrete or Kool Deck coatings are one of the most popular concrete coating options for a pool deck. Penntek polyurea concrete coatings are also popular and one of the most durable coating options for any concrete surface. 

Both are great additions to your backyard pool deck, but they have differences in look, durability, and other performance features. 

So….Which is the better option for you? 

At Southwest Exteriors, we exclusively offer polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings from Penntek Industrial Coatings made for any concrete surface. 

Penntek coatings are a great solution for covered and uncovered outdoor areas as they are UV resistant and won’t melt or fade under sun heat.  

We only offer Penntek concrete coatings because they are one of the most durable and versatile concrete coatings available for concrete surface coatings. But, this doesn’t mean it’s the best or only option for everyone. 

If you’re considering a concrete coating or overlay for your pool deck, you want to make sure you find the right one that will meet your needs as far as looks and performance go. 

This article will provide an unbiased and honest comparison of Kool Deck and Penntek’s polyurea concrete coatings in their cost, performance, design and look, installation, and how long they last. 

After reading, you’ll know more about Kool Deck and polyurea concrete coatings so you can decide which type of concrete coating is right for your pool. 

About Kool Deck Pool Coatings

Kool Deck was founded to create a solution to the problem many pool owners face: walking across hot concrete during the summer heat.

Invented in 1962 as the first type of coating of its kind, Kool Deck offers a pool deck concrete that keeps you cool. 

Over the last several years, Kool Deck continued innovating its product to offer not just standard Kool Deck coatings but stamped coatings that can be made to look like stone or tile without the slippery dangers of the real things. 


About Penntek Industrial Coatings

Penntek Industrial Coatings hit the ground running in 2010, offering industrial-strength concrete coatings for commercial and residential use. 

Founder Kyle Baynes started the company by installing his products himself. Now, Penntek partners with expert contractors across the country to install their products.

Penntek offers polyurea and polyaspartic two-step concrete coatings, epoxy concrete coatings, metallic coatings, concrete repair products, and more. 


How much do Kool Deck and Penntek coatings cost? 

Before investing in any home remodeling project, one of the first things you probably think about is how much it will cost. 

A pool deck coating may not be the most elaborate home improvement you can make, but it is still a costly project. 

How much does Kool Deck cost? 

Kool Deck coatings can cost anywhere from $6 to $12 per square foot. 

The cost per square foot depends on various factors, such as whether you have existing concrete laid, the condition of your concrete, and design elements. 

You must also factor in the cost of labor and installation to the price per square foot and your project's total cost. 

How much does a Penntek coating cost?

The average cost of a Penntek concrete coating is $9 - $12 per square foot. 

This cost also depends on the condition of your concrete, design customizations, project area, and labor and installation. 


How well do Kool Deck and Penntek pool deck coatings perform?

After thinking about the cost of your project, you also want to know that the product you choose will meet your needs for performance and longevity. 

Let’s look at how Kool Deck and Penntek pool deck coatings compare in their performance and durability. 

How durable is Kool Deck? 

Kool Deck is a cementious overlay coating. This means it is a type of concrete. So, when thinking of the durability of Kool Deck, think of it similarly to how concrete performs. 

As a product created strictly to combat solar heat, Kool Deck coatings endure all types of weather. It is a polymer cement manufactured to be durable as well as flexible. 

This means Kool Deck coatings can withstand constant freezing, thawing, heat, cold, and rain. 

Kool Deck is also salt-proof, so those with a salt pool don’t have to worry about the salt eating away at your new decking. 

One of the most important things you may be wondering about durability is whether Kool Deck will chip or crack. Kool Deck is made not to chip or crack when installed properly. 

Because their coatings consist of a mixing process, if the incorrect measurements are used during the mixing process, this will cause problems with the installation and will not ensure the Kool Deck is as durable as it should be. 

Overall, Kool Deck is a durable coating option for your pool deck if you want something to keep you cool while also looking great. 

How durable are Penntek coatings? 

Penntek’s polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings are one of the most durable coating options. 

These coatings are more durable than epoxy, and they are also flexible because polyurea is a polymer. Flexibility in a concrete coating allows it to bounce back and not chip when impacted. 

Polyurea is also resistant to any scratching or abrasions and does not stain. If you spill anything, all you need is a towel and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe it up. 

Penntek coatings are also UV stable, so they will not fade under the sun. This makes them a durable option that will hold up under constant sunlight. 

Penntek coatings also have an orange-peel-like feel to the finish. Sand additives are also available to help with slip resistance, making them a safe concrete coating option around the pool. 

So, if you’re looking for a pool deck coating that will protect your concrete, add safety, and make your flooring look like granite, Penntek may be the right option for you. 


How are Kool Deck and Penntek coatings installed? 

Understanding how a pool deck coating is installed is important to learn to know how long an installation will take and what kind of inconvenience, if any, it will be to you. 

How is Kool Deck installed? 

Kool Deck can be applied on new and existing concrete. So, if you are just having your pool installed, Kool Deck can be installed at the same time after new concrete is laid. 

As we briefly mentioned before, Kool Deck consists of a mortar and a mixer. The two must be mixed together properly to then be splashed across the concrete and cured properly. A color unit must also be added to the mixture for different color options. 

Unlike Penntek concrete coatings, Kool Deck is splashed across the base concrete surface and bonds to the wet concrete. The coating is then brushed across the surface. This is what creates the iconic look of Kool Deck. 

Then, the surface is slightly smoothed using small hand paddles to remove any harsh areas that stick out. It can be lightly ground to help with smoothing the dried surface. 

How long does Kool Deck take to cure? 

Kool Deck recommends no contact with the coating until after 48 hours, light walking after three days, normal walking after 14 days, and heavy furniture may be moved on top 28 days after initial installation. 

So, expect to avoid using your pool area for nearly two weeks to a month before fully enjoying your upgraded space. 

How are Penntek coatings installed? 

Penntek polyurea/polyaspartic concrete coatings also consist of a multilayer process. 

First, the concrete surface must be at the proper moisture and hardness level. Then, it must be ground down using the proper diamond grinder to match the hardness level of the concrete. 

Once the concrete is properly prepared, the polyurea base layer is spread evenly on the concrete. Penntek coatings using the chip or quartz system will then have a layer of vinyl chips or colored quartz evenly dispersed across the entire surface. 

After the chips have been evenly distributed and the excess scraped off, the top polyaspartic layer is added. 

How long do Penntek polyurea/polyaspartic coatings take to cure?

Penntek’s polyurea/polyaspartic coatings take 24 hours to cure fully. Typically, you can walk on them 6-8 hours after application and move heavy objects onto them after 24 hours. 

So, if you’re looking for more of a faster concrete coating that won’t disrupt your outdoor life, Penntek’s coatings may be the better option for you. 


What kind of design options do Kool Deck and Penntek offer? 

The cost, performance, and installation of a pool deck coating are important to learn, yes. But, along with these factors, you want to know if a coating will give you the look and feel you want.

Kool Deck and Penntek both offer a variety of design options for your pool deck.

What do Kool Deck coatings look like? 

Because of the way Kool Deck is installed, it has a unique and textured finish. This classic coating has an uneven yet smooth look and is offered in various colors. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic and traditional color, like Sand Buff or Birch Grey, or want to add some color to your pool, Kool Deck has eight to 12 color options for your decking. 

Kool Deck also has a stamping option, so you can make your pool deck look like stone or tile if you desire. 

Kool Deck pool deck coating color options.Kool Deck pool deck coating color options.

What do Penntek coatings look like? 

Penntek’s polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings come in a solid color or with a vinyl chip blend. These color chip blends come in a variety of colors, such as grey tones, and mixtures with blue and red, or can be customized to any color blend of your choice. 

Depending on the contractor, Penntek coatings are also able to be made in patterns or coated with a logo. 

Penntek offers extremely customizable concrete coatings to create the exact color or pattern for your pool coating. 

Penntek Industrial Coatings coating color options.Penntek Industrial Coatings coating color options.


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What warranties do Kool Deck and Penntek offer? 

Warranty is an important part of any home remodeling project. A warranty ensures that if anything happens to your new pool deck, the manufacturer or contractor who installed it will provide you with some compensation. 

What kind of warranty does Kool Deck have? 

Kool Deck is a brand under Mortex. Mortex does not warranty any Kool Deck products and deems the responsibility of a warranty on the company that installed it. 

So, if you want to install a Kool Deck coating around your swimming pool, it is crucial you find a company that offers a warranty to back their work and your new coating.  

What kind of warranty does Penntek have? 

Penntek offers a 15-year product warranty that protects against chipping, peeling, separating, or delaminating. They offer a limited lifetime warranty that ensures the coating will not fade or yellow under UV rays. 

This product warranty covers your pool deck coating, and the company that installs your coating will be responsible for the installation. 


Kool Deck vs. Penntek: Which is better for your pool deck coating? 

Now you know the key differences between Kool Deck and Penntek pool deck coatings in their cost, material, how they perform, what design options they offer, and their warranties. 

Kool Deck and Penntek polyurea concrete coatings are both viable options for a pool deck coating. Both offer a variety of design options and performance specifications that make them a durable, long-lasting coating. 

Choosing which coating is right for you depends on your goals for your pool deck space. 

  • If you want a coating that will keep your feet cool during all hours of the day and has more of a classic style for a pool, then a Kool Deck coating may be right for you. 
  • If you want to give your backyard space an elevated look with added safety and exceptional durability, then a Penntek concrete coating may be the better option. 

The biggest difference between these two coatings is their cost and warranties. Kool Deck costs less than Penntek coatings but does not have a product warranty to ensure it will last. 

Penntek may be more expensive, but they offer a limited lifetime warranty for fading and a 15-year warranty against chipping, peeling, or blistering. 

When deciding which type of coating is best for you, it’s important you outline your wants, goals, and needs for your project. 

What do you want the product to look like? What specific performance measures do you want it to meet? What is your budget? How long do you want the coating to last?

Once you outline what you want and need out of your pool deck coating, you can find the right company that offers the right products and services for you. 

But how exactly do you find the right pool deck coating contractor for you? You must know the right steps to take and what questions to ask. 

This article will outline three steps to find the right home remodeling contractor for your project and questions to consider before, during, and after a consultation with a company. Then, you can find the right pool deck contractor for you and feel confident they will meet your needs for your project. 

Ready to invest in a Penntek pool deck coating? 

Southwest Exteriors exclusively offers polyurea and polyaspartic coatings for any concrete surface, from garage floors to outdoor patios and pool decks. 

Our expert installation crews are trained on how to handle different types of concretes, how to properly prepare the surface for a coating, and provide you with the highest quality products and installation possible. 

Once your new pool deck is complete, it is backed by our lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your pool deck space with a new concrete coating? Schedule your free in-home consultation with a design consultant today and get the look you loooove coming home to!