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14 Last-Minute Gifts For The DIY Dad

June 13th, 2023 | 15 min. read

14 Last-Minute Gifts For The DIY Dad

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Whether you’re an all-time procrastinator or just need a little help with gift shopping, we have a matter of days until Father’s Day. 

This Sunday, June 18, is the time to celebrate all father figures in your life. From the grandpas, stepdads, and dads who stepped in, you need to find the perfect gift to show your appreciation. 

But, no matter who you are, shopping for dads can be hard. Lucky for you, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for any dad that loves all things DIY, carpentry, and remodeling. 

So, if you have a dad in your life who spends most of their time repairing, renovating, and refurbishing, here are 14 gifts you can get just in time for Father’s Day. 


For The Ultimate Remodeler

If your dad has always been working on projects and remodeling since you were in diapers, chances are he’s in need of a few upgrades. 

While you may think he has everything he already needs, here are a few upgrades to make his life a little easier. 


1. Cut-Resistant Gloves

No matter the project your dad is working on, he’s most likely always wearing a pair of gloves to protect his hands from cuts, stains, or burns. 

But how many pairs of gloves has he gone through in the past decade? 

Check out these gloves from Magid, from cut and heat-resistant to everyday work gloves that will last. 

Cut-resistant orange and black work gloves from Magid.

Shop Magid Gloves


2. Silicon Wedding Band 

Does your dad always complain about getting dirt and grime underneath his wedding band while working on a project? Does your husband or sibling tend to forget where they left their ring when they take it off to go work in the shop? 

Solve their problem by gifting them with a silicon wedding band. They are not only much more comfortable when working with tools, but they are easily washable and much safer to wear when working around heavy machinery. 


A set of four silicon wedding bands in colors black, grey, blue, and army green.

Shop Silicon Wedding Bands


3. Upgraded Nail Gun 

A quality nail gun is a staple in any ultimate remodeling dad’s tool kit. 

Especially if your father likes to remodel and build large-scale sheds, homes, or any project with wood, upgrade their nail gun with something affordable and long-lasting. 


A teal colored nail and stable gun from Walmart.

Shop Nail Guns


For The Shop Dad

Maybe you consider your father a DIY guy, but he’s not necessarily out building houses or replacing your roofing. 

He’s working on cars and bikes or tinkering with electrical projects out in his shop - his space to get out of the house and focus on himself. 

Here are four gift ideas to bring your dad’s shop to the next level. 


4. Heavy-Duty Phone Mount 

Because your dad loves to DIY, he’s always looking at tutorials and guides on how to complete his project correctly. He spends a lot of time looking at his phone, holding it at odd angles to fit his space while trying to work with his hands. 

Gift your dad something he didn’t even know he needed, and he’ll thank you later.


A Mobnetic Maxx phone mount advertisement.

Shop Phone Mounts


5. Best shop speaker 

What’s one thing every good shop needs? That’s right. Music. 

If your dad is still listening to the old FM radio that’s been in his shop for almost as long as you’ve been alive, help him upgrade his space with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. 

Not only can he keep this speaker in his shop, but because it is portable and waterproof, he can take it with him all over his space wherever his project goes. 


A large blue Bluetooth speaker with a handle on the top.

Shop Bluetooth Speakers


6. Heavy-Duty tiered shelving

We get it. Organization isn’t always the most fun thing to gift someone. However, if you’ve seen what any dad’s shop looks like, you know it could use some help getting things in order. 

Install new shelving in your dad’s shop for him and help him take a chaotic corner in the shop to organized bliss handy for his next project. 

Black metal shelves filled with garage items.

Shop Shelving


7. Heavy-Duty work light 

Your dad is always putting his reading glasses on or grabbing that magnifying glass to get a good look at whatever he’s working on in the shop. 

He needs a bright light that will help him see all the details of what he’s working on, and this rechargeable LED work light is the perfect solution.  


An advertisement for a portable shop light that points out the features of the hand-held light.

Shop Portable Lighting


For The Remodeling Beginner

If your dad is just getting into renovating and remodeling, he’s going to need a starter kit. 

Even if he already has some of these basics in his garage, upgrade his tools and set him up for success in the future with these four gift ideas. 


8. Table saw 

From heavy-duty woodwork to school projects, a quality table saw is a staple for any remodelers to have in their warehouse. 

This Bosch table saw is easily portable and compact and even has a built-in vacuum so that sawdust won’t blow everywhere during his next project. 

A Bosch table saw that is blue and gray with the Bosch logo on the front.

Shop Table Saws


9. Little Giant Ladder

Installing new gutters, patching up the roof, or rescuing a kitten from a tree are all popular activities for the DIY dad. This means he needs a heavy-duty ladder that won’t buckle under pressure. 

This extendable ladder from Little Giant Ladders is available in 17’, 22’, and 26’ models and can hold up to 300 pounds. 

Customize your dad’s new ladder with one of the many accessories they offer, like an attachable work tray, to make your gift just that much better. 

A Little Giant ladder.

Shop Ladders


10. Beginners tool kit 

Chances are, most dads have a standard tool kit at their disposal for things around the house or last-minute projects. 

Whether your dad recently got rid of his tool kit, has never had one before, or has had the same one for 45 years, give him the upgrade he deserves with everything he needs. 


A black and yellow tool kit with tools like a hammer, pliers, drills, and wrenches.

Shop Tool Kits


11. The perfect tool belt

No matter what projects your father figure, stepdad, or husband will be working on, a tool belt is essential. 

This top-rated tool belt from Task gives your dad numerous pockets, rings, and loops to hold almost any handheld tool he needs throughout his next project. 

This will save him time and effort from having to walk back and forth and dig through his tool kit each step of the way. 

A light brown suede tool belt from Task. Shop Tool Belts


For The Tech-Home Dad

So, your dad isn’t necessarily a master remodeler, but he does love upgrading your home with the latest and greatest technology. 

Here are three ideas for your tech-home dad to make your home even smarter and improve your home’s security. 


12. Nest cam and flood light set

Most homeowners have doorbells with cameras installed for ease of use and upgraded security. Why not take it up a notch with security flood light sets around your dad’s home? 

This camera and flood light combo from Nest is perfect for any dad that wants to keep an eye out for what’s going on outside of their home and alert potential intruders that they are being watched. 

A Nest camera and flood light set with the lights on and a night sky in the background.Shop Nest Lighting


13. SimpliSafe front door lock

Modernize your father’s home with an electronic front door locking system. 

This will make it easier for family members to visit without needing a key and especially make it more convenient for Dad not to have to remember the house key every time he leaves. 

A black SimpliSafe door lock with a finger pressing one of the buttons.

Shop Door Locks


14. Upgraded smart lights

Another perfect way to help your dad make his home smarter is by upgrading interior lights with smart lights. 

With so many options available, you can find the right light bulb that gives the perfect color range your father loves and can pair with Alexas or Google Homes, making your home that much smarter. 

A package of three smart wifi bulbs with multiple colors on the light bulbs on the packaging as well as details of the bulbs.

Shop Smart Lighting


Finding The Perfect Gift For Dad 

Now you have 14 last-minute gift ideas for every kind of DIY dad! 

From the expert remodeler to the beginner DIY-er to the tech dad, we hope you found this gift guide helpful in finding the father in your life the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Remember, to find the right gift for your dad, consider what they want or need the most. 

  • What do they spend most of their time doing? 
  • What have you noticed becoming an inconvenience in their everyday life? 
  • What have they mentioned lately of something they are interested in getting for themselves? 

By considering these questions and knowing what type of remodeling dad you have, you can find the best gift for him that we know he’ll love. 


(P.S. Would your dad love a new concrete coating or a window and siding upgrade? Schedule your commitment-free consultation to learn more about how Southwest Exteriors can help make your dad's dreams come true.)


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