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Marvin Ultimate Vs. ProVia Aeris: Cost, Material, Design, And More

April 25th, 2023 | 13 min. read

Marvin Ultimate Vs. ProVia Aeris: Cost, Material, Design, And More

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If you’re interested in clad replacement windows, you want to elevate your home with an elegant yet functional product. You don’t want to worry about maintaining your exterior, but you don’t want to compromise your style. 

So, you’re considering both the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris collections. Both window series offer high-quality cladding over real-wood window frames, meeting your needs for look and required upkeep. 

But how do you choose which clad window is better for you? What are their key differences? Which will fit your needs best? 

Southwest Exteriors offers both clad window collections and has installed high-quality replacement windows in San Antonio since 1989. 

We understand that finding the right window type for you is hard enough. Finding the right window brand can be even harder. 

Our goal is to educate you on all your options and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your project, whether that includes us or not. 

While Marvin and ProVia windows have similar window types with similar styles, you want to know where they differ and which will fit your home best. 


Marvin Ultimate Vs. ProVia Aeris: 4 Key Differences 

It can be hard to spot the crucial differences between these two popular clad window lines. 

If both are the same type of window, what key components must you look at to choose the right one? 

Let’s look at the difference in cost, material and performance, design, and warranty for each window line. 


  1. Cost
  2. Material
  3. Design
  4. Warranty

1. Cost

When shopping for new windows, one of the first things you consider is how much they will cost. 

On average, clad windows cost around $1,700 for a high-quality, professionally installed window. However, this cost varies depending on window size, customizations, and the window manufacturer. 

How Much Do Marvin Ultimate Windows Cost? 

The Marvin Ultimate collection is on the higher end of Marvin’s window catalog. 

For a standard 3 ft. x 5 ft. Marvin Ultimate window, it costs around $2,000 - 3,500 with installation included.

How Much Do ProVia Aeris Windows Cost? 

Like the Marvin Ultimate, ProVia’s Aeris collection is one of their premier window lines. 

For a standard 3 ft. x 5 ft. ProVia Aeris window, it costs around $2,300 - $2,500 with installation included. 

How Do They Compare? 

As you can see, both windows have similar costs. However, the cost of your window replacement project largely depends on how customizable you want to make your windows. 

If you want the most basic design and don’t deviate from standard options, your project will cost less. If you want to make your windows as unique as possible, have realistic expectations for a higher cost, and leave room in your budget to do so. 


2. Material and Performance

Now that we’ve got cost out of the way, it’s important you understand how these two window lines compare in what they are made of and how they perform. While both windows are clad windows, they are not made the same. 

What Are Marvin Ultimate Windows Made Of? 

Marvin Ultimate windows are made of a real wood frame with aluminum exterior cladding. They can also be made with a wood exterior if you’re feeling traditional. 

How Do They Perform? 

Mavin’s aluminum clad windows protect the wood frame from all outside elements, such as rain, wind, snow, hail, and all other weathering. 

Their AAMA-certified finishes are warranted not to chalk or fade, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep for the framing and finishing. 

Their wood exteriors are treated with a water-repellent wood preservative to not only help the finishes to last longer but protect the wood from water infiltration and rot. Wood exteriors traditionally require more maintenance than other window exteriors, so even treated wood isn’t susceptible to common threats like moisture and rotting over time.  

If you want a durable and maintenance-free exterior, then choosing the aluminum cladded window will provide you with both. 

If you want to keep a historical and traditional look in your home, choosing the wood exterior Marvin Ultimate window will still provide you with exceptional style and superior performance. 

What Are ProVia Aeris Windows Made Of? 

ProVia Aeris windows consist of a real-wood frame with vinyl exterior cladding. Their high-quality vinyl provides a maintenance-free exterior. 

Their wood frames can be made with maple, oak, or cherry wood. 

How Do They Perform?  

High-quality vinyl has many attractive qualities and advantages as far as performance. 

One of the great things about vinyl window frames is their ability to be flexible without warping or becoming misshapen over time. This allows your windows to move and shift with your home throughout the years without cracking and breaking. 

ProVia’s vinyl exterior also withstands all types of weathering, such as extreme heat, cold, rain, hail, and snow. This durability means your windows will not fade under constant sun exposure and is also resistant to corrosion and rotting. 

Overall, ProVia’s Aeris windows provide you with elegant style on the inside without having to worry about damage, rotting, or fading on the outside. 

How Do They Compare? 

Although both windows are made with different exterior claddings, they are similar in how they perform in terms of durability, protection from the elements, and maintenance. 

The largest differentiator between the two is when you compare the Marvin Ultimate wood exterior to the ProVia Aeris vinyl clad exterior. Wood can be a little more vulnerable to the elements, such as sunlight and water. 

But choosing between a wood exterior and an aluminum or clad exterior mostly comes down to what you want your windows to look like on the outside. 


3. Design

Now that we’ve got most of the technical aspects of these windows out of the way let’s look at what type of design capabilities each of these windows provides. 

In this category, we will compare the design elements of each window directly to each other instead of reviewing one window design at a time. 

Window Types and Styles

The window type is the configuration of the window. This will affect how the window looks and functions. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection offers six window configuration options with the option for custom-shaped picture windows. 
  • The ProVia Aeris collection offers six standard window configurations with 11 options for various picture window shapes. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window shapes and styles.


Interior Finish Options

The interior finish for wood-clad windows allows you to either stain or paint your window. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection offers eight types of wood for the interior and seven options for stains. They also have three options for painted interior finishes. 
  • The ProVie Aeris collection offers three types of wood species for the frame, with up to seven interior staining options and over fifteen paint options. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window interior finish options.


Exterior Color Options 

The exterior of your clad window allows you to showcase your style to all neighbors and passersby. With an aluminum or vinyl exterior, you are able to choose a vibrant finish that will last on your exterior. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection offers 19 finish options for aluminum cladding with the option for custom colors. They also offer four exterior finishes for wood exteriors. 
  • The ProVia Aeris collection offers 16 finish options for their vinyl exterior windows. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window exterior finish options.


Hardware Options

The hardware of your new windows allows you to choose how you want your windows to lock and what they look like. Most windows have certain locking mechanisms for certain window configurations. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection has three hardware options for single and double-hung windows, two styles for casement and awning, and one for gliders with nine finish options. 
  • The ProVia Aeris collection has one hardware option for double-hung and slider windows and one option for casement and awning windows with seven finish options. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window hardware options and finishes.


Glass Options

The glass of your windows allows you to add your unique touch, improve energy efficiency, and add privacy to your windows. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection offers double and triple-paned windows with three levels of Low-E coatings. They also offer 11 specialty glass options for style and privacy. 
  • The ProVia Aeris collection offers glass tints, decorative glass, and glass art for their windows. This allows you to get creative with your replacement windows and reflect your personal style. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window glass options.


Grids and Divided Lites

The grids refer to the pattern of grids that can either be installed between the panes of the window or externally on the glass. 

  • The Marvin Ultimate collection has three options for divided lites, including simulated divided lite, true divided lite, and grilles-between-the-glass. They allow you to create almost any custom grid pattern you like. 
  • The ProVia Aeris collection has simulated divided lites and grilles-between-the-glass. Within these options, there are various choices for grid types, like smooth, beveled, and more, and they have eight grid patterns for both double-hung and casement and awning windows. 

A comparison sheet of the Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window grid and divided lite options.


4. Warranty

The final thing you want to compare between the two window brands is their warranty. A window’s warranty tells you more about the quality and craftsmanship of the window through the length and coverage of the warranty. 

If a window has a short warranty period with minimal coverage, chances are, that window is not made to last. 

A window with a longer warranty period and wide coverage tells you that window is made to last, and the manufacturer guarantees it to be free from certain defects. 

What Is Marvin’s Window Warranty? 

Marvin offers a fully transferable, limited warranty. All components include coverage against manufacturing defects.

Under this warranty, Marvin will repair or replace the product or component of the window or provide a refund. The route that is taken to resolve the issue is up to Marvin. Removal, installation, finishing, refinishing, and disposal costs and services are not included. 

Aluminum exterior cladding is covered for 10 years against chalking, fading, and peeling. Interior wood finishes are covered for five years. 

Improper installation, lack of maintenance, and Acts of God are a few exclusions in Marvin’s warranty.

What Is ProVia’s Window Warranty?

ProVia’s warranty claims the product will be free from material defects for as long as the original purchaser lives in their home. 

This means that if any problems in your windows arise from manufacturing defects, it is covered under warranty for your life in your home. The warranty is transferable one time from the original homeowner and purchaser. 

The window frame and hardware are covered for as long as you own your home against basic defects, like cracking, chipping, peeling, and blistering. Paints and stains are covered for 10 years. 

Some exclusions in their warranty include natural wear and tear, improper use, damage related to weather or Acts of God, and caulking. 

How Do They Compare? 

Overall, both Marvin and ProVia offer similar coverage in the details of their warranties. 

For simple coverages like frame, finish, and hardware, ProVia offers a longer warranty period (most coverages span for as long as you own your home). 

However, both manufacturers offer a quality warranty that provides you with the standard coverage you need, and you can tell they are made to last in your home. 

Southwest Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty on everything we install for as long as you own your home. Read more about our warranty


Marvin Ultimate vs. ProVia Aeris: Which Clad Window Is Better For You?

Now that you know the biggest differences between Marvin Ultimate and ProVia Aeris window collections, you can accurately compare them and choose the best window for you. 

Both high-end window brands offer exceptional style, durability, functionality, and customization. Where they differ is in the details of their customizable options and warranty. 

  • If you are looking for the most customizable window on the market and don’t mind paying a little more, then the Marvin Ultimate clad windows may be better for you. This collection also offers a wood exterior, not just aluminum clad. 
  • If you want a more affordable window with highly customizable options or want a window with decorative glass, then the ProVia Aeris window line may be better for you. 

Both clad windows provide you with a real-wood interior and a maintenance-free exterior, which is great for any homeowner who wants a traditional, classic, or historical interior look. 

Because both windows have similar characteristics, it’s important to research the details and know what you want from your replacement windows. With this, you must have realistic expectations for the cost and quality of your project. 

One of the first things you want to know is how much your window replacement will cost. 

This article will detail how much a window replacement project costs in 2023 and what factors most affect the cost. Then, you can outline the proper budget for you and find the right contractor that has what you need. 


Ready To Replace Your Windows With A Contractor You Can Trust? 

Southwest Exteriors offers high-quality replacement windows from Marvin, ProVia, Anlin, and more. 

Our expert installation, paired with our lifetime warranty, guarantees your new windows will last in your home. When you work with Southwest Exteriors, you build a lifelong relationship. 

Ready to upgrade your home and work with a trustworthy company? Schedule your commitment-free consultation with a design consultant today, and get the look you love coming home to!