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My Windows Weren’t Installed Correctly. What Do I Do?

August 30th, 2022 | 6 min. read

My Windows Weren’t Installed Correctly. What Do I Do?

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After going through the trouble of researching the right window, finding the right contractor, and replacing your home’s windows…you find something wrong. 

Maybe the caulk is peeling up around the edges of the frame. Or maybe when you open the window, the sash won’t stay up. 

The point is that many issues can arise from an improper window installation, which is frustrating. 

When you purchase a new product, you expect it to work and look brand new, right?  

Because windows are an opening in your home, any broken parts or improperly installed aspects put your home at risk. If the window is not installed properly, you may experience drafts, water infiltration, rot, or functional issues. 

Because Southwest Exteriors has been a San Antonio window replacement contractor since 1989, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners fix their botched window installation, and we hate to see it. 

The number one reason for a botched window installation is because of the contractor who installed them. Choosing high-quality windows is one aspect of your window replacement project, but the quality of installation is a more important aspect than the quality of the product. 

So, something is wrong with your brand new windows. What do you do now? 

This article will outline three steps to follow if you find something is wrong with your newly installed windows. 

Then, you’ll know what to do next when you find a problem with your new windows and can ensure that not only do they get fixed, but they will last in your home. 

Now, let’s get into these three steps to get you on the right track to having your botched window installation fixed. 

Step #1: Assess and determine what’s wrong with your windows

If you’re reading this article, obviously, you’ve found something wrong with your windows. You may read this step and think, “Duh, I’ve already done this!”

Assessing your windows and determining what is wrong with them is the first step because you want to find out what the culprit may be. 

What types of problems are you experiencing with your windows?

Depending on the issues you experience with your windows, the cause could be installation related or a manufacturing defect. 

Common installation issues:

  • Drafts caused by insufficient caulking
  • Water building caused by improper caulking or weather sealing
  • Rot is caused by water buildup that occurs when the window is not sealed properly
  • If the window looks crooked
  • If you cannot fully open or close the window
  • Damage to the surrounding drywall
  • Any cosmetic obscurities 

Possible manufacturing defects:

  • If the locks do not work
  • If the window does not stay open
  • If the window does not function properly in any way

The causes may be visible, like peeling caulk or water buildup, or they could be within the window. You also want to assess the window for a foreign substance that may be obstructing the functionality of the window, like built-up pet hair or a toy.

Determining what problems you are experiencing and the causes of them will help you better understand what steps must be taken next and what type of help to seek out. 


Step #2: Contact the contractor that installed your windows

Once you’ve assessed the damage on your windows and what the culprit may be, you next need to contact the contractor that installed the windows. 

Depending on the degree of the issues you are experiencing, it’s normal to feel you may not be able to trust the contractor that installed them, especially if something is majorly wrong with your windows. 

But, you still want to contact the company that installed them to first let them know you are experiencing a problem, and second, give them a chance to fix them. 

If there is an installation problem, they should be able to fix it. 

If there is a manufacturing defect in your windows, you will need a brand new window installed. 

A high-quality contractor can admit a mistake was made and make it right. And if they can’t, you’ll have to find another contractor to help. 


Alt. Step #2: Find a trustworthy window contractor if your windows don’t get fixed

Now, if your windows weren’t installed properly in the first place, sometimes the original contractor can not fix their mistakes. 

If this is the case, you will have to find a different contractor to either repair or replace your windows. 

Now, finding a contractor you can trust can be difficult in the first place. You’ve already been burned once with a faulty installation, so you may be a little hesitant to find a different contractor. 

That’s why you need to know exactly what to look for and the right questions to ask to ensure you find a contractor that knows what they are doing and can fix your windows. 

Check out this article that outlines six questions to ask a window replacement contractor to find a trustworthy contractor to fix the mistakes of the past. 


Step #3: Enjoy replacement windows that will last

Having problems with your newly installed windows is frustrating. But, there is always a solution. 

Whether you experience a minuscule installation issue and your contractor is able to fix it, or the window was installed incorrectly beyond repair, the right contractor is out there to provide the right service for you. 

Then, once your windows are repaired and installed correctly, a high-quality window will last for years in your home. 


Finding a trustworthy contractor to replace your home’s windows 

If you’ve had new windows installed in your home that are not working properly or just don’t look right, now you know what you should do to fix them. 

The first thing you should do when you notice a problem is to contact the contractor that installed them. They should provide you with the resources and services to either repair their mistake or replace the window if need be. 

If the original contractor does not fully fix the problem or you do not trust them to do it, then you must find a different contractor you know will do the job right. 

Then, your newly repaired windows will protect your home and last for years in the future. 

If you’ve found yourself in this position with poorly installed windows and are looking for an alternative window contractor, you’re probably wondering how you find a trustworthy company to work with next. 

This article will outline three steps to find the right contractor for your project, along with specific questions to ask the contractor to determine if they will meet your needs.