Just the other day I had another customer ask me what were the pros and cons of HardiePlank® siding versus vinyl siding, which is a very common question for anyone looking trying to decide which type of siding is best for them. Let’s take a closer look….

Vinyl Siding Pros and Cons

Vinyl siding is made of plastic and if installed correctly can help a home owner achieve a low maintenance home.  Vinyl has been widely sold since the early 1980s and is best installed by an experienced installer.  Vinyl is the same color all the way through and typically is installed over your existing wood.  If you have rotted or warped wood, it is recommended to have the rot replaced with new wood so that the wall surface is sound and flat.  The upside to vinyl is that it can be installed quickly and is relatively low-maintenance, with the average job typically between $20,000 and $30,000.

The downside to owning vinyl siding is that it a thing of the past.  There is not very much vinyl siding being sold anymore, as more and more home owners prefer a more up-to-date look and don’t like the looks of vinyl because it can have a fake plastic appearance.

A major problem with vinyl is that because it is plastic, it has the tendency to warp and sometimes blister in the heat.  You are also limited to a few select colors.

Real estate agents are hearing more today that if the house has vinyl on it, the buyer would prefer to see something else.  At one time, over 20 years ago, vinyl would enhance the value and look of a home.  Everything evolves over time, even building materials.

HardiePlank® Siding Pros and Cons

HardiePlank® is currently the number one brand of choice for siding.  It’s made out of fiber cement and is considered a composite material.  Composites are the more popular choice today for a low maintenance solution.  HardiePlank® siding has a class A fire rating, which is the same as brick.  In most cases, home owners can even get their home owners’ insurance reduced.  It resists termites, wood peckers, hail, and moisture.  When installed correctly, HardiePlank® siding can make your home look brand new with a wood grain that looks real.

HardiePlank® siding has many choices when it comes to style and wood grain.  An experienced designer can help you select the right grain and style for your home.  Products may be purchased  primed or factory-applied with ColorPlus® Technology finish.  HardiePlank® siding comes with a 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty.  There are paint coatings in the industry that can be applied to HardiePlank® siding that are also guaranteed by the paint manufacturer for 25 years.

The down side to HardiePlank® siding is the installation process.  There are many companies out there that say they offer and install HardiePlank® siding, but it takes a very experienced technician to install it correctly.  There are very extensive specifications on how to properly install HardiePlank® siding and special tools that are required to achieve a nice looking outcome.

In most cases, HardiePlank® siding will take 10-12 days to install and then will need a professional painter to spend around one week to apply a paint coating correctly.  Today HardiePlank® siding is the choice for the majority of home owners.

Questions about HardiePlank® or vinyl siding? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below or contact us directly!

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