Nobody wants to be the victim of a break-in, so security is a very important feature to consider when purchasing an entry door. Many of our clients have asked us how they can be sure they have the most secure front door for their home. Expert installation and upgraded security features are the best way to safeguard your doors from a break-in, no matter what kind of door you purchase.


Door Screws


Entry Door Locking System - get the most secure front doorWhen installing an entry door, it is best practice to use screws, not nails, to attach the frame or jamb of the door to the jack stud in at least nine key areas:
  • Three each on the hinge and lock side of frame (top, middle, and bottom)
  • One through the top
  • Two more in the strike plate of the deadbolt


We recommend a minimum size of 2 ½” screws so you know you are reaching the stud with about 1 to 1 ½” of penetration. This type of install is the best way to secure the door unit to the existing studs, making it much harder to kick or force the door open.




Alarm Systems


The final security upgrade to your home would be an alarm system.  Most alarm companies will tell you that most break-ins occur through doors. Although front doors with decorative glass are beautiful to look at and add curb appeal to your home, keep in mind that all glass, even tempered safety glass required in all doors, can still be broken and access gained to the inside. Having a reliable alarm system will frighten away many intruders as soon as they set it off, and knowing that someone is always keeping an eye on your home when you’re away definitely gives you added peace of mind.




The truth is that no house can be made impenetrable, especially since there may be unfortunate occasions where emergency personnel have to gain immediate access. Your best solution to have the most secure front door that is logical is to purchase quality doors, have them installed according to best practices, and use the security measures mentioned here. If you have any further questions or would like our recommendation on the most secure front door and patio doors that we have found, feel free to contact us or come down to our showroom to talk to us about it. As a final thought, a large dog to greet the bad guy couldn’t hurt either.  Well, I guess it could hurt them.  .  . but we see no problems with that.