San Antonio Texas SkylineIf you are around me for a short time, it’s easy to see that I love what we do here at Southwest Exteriors. I am passionate about providing the best products, the best service, the best warranty, and the best overall experience for our clients. (See our Ultimate Client Experience Guarantee.) The desire to do that in an increasingly better way is what got me into replacement contracting and what has driven me the last 23 years of being in business. I simply love taking care of our clients.


If you really get to know me, you will realize that there is something greater still that drives me. I love the city of San Antonio, and I believe I am here to do something more than simply make a buck…I want to make a difference. What really gets me out of bed in the morning is the idea that I might have a role to play in leaving this city in a better place than I found it when I was born here more than 50 years ago.


By joining together with other city leaders, we can impact the lives of all San Antonians.  As a businessman, I can come alongside not-for-profits of all kinds and offer my time, talents, and treasure to play a role in making the city a better place for everyone to live.


At a recent city transformation event I attended in New York City, I was inspired by what a group of city leaders was doing on the island of Manhattan. They offered a beautiful picture of what it looks like when a large group of people come together from all different walks of life for a common purpose.

This flash mob in Vienna shows what is possible when we get people together to play their unique roles. Not only is something beautiful created, it captivates and draws in virtually everyone who is able to witness. It encourages and inspires me to believe what is possible for the city I was born in and love so much.


If you have a few minutes, stop by our showroom and I would love to talk to you about our incredible products and services.  If you have a few hours, I would love you to stop by our showroom so we can talk about city transformation in San Antonio.