“Leadership is stewardship.  It is temporary, and you’re accountable.”     Andy Stanley


I quote the above with high frequency. Why? It’s succinct and right on point. It’s so easy to feel trapped by our circumstances or environment. We blame them for our troubles and want the solutions to come from outside us. But that mindset is deadly.


Leadership has been granted us.  We only have it for a time—and we are accountable for the way we handle it.  We are responsible for the way we react to our circumstances and blaming outside factors never leads to answers.


Does it frustrate you when your children try to say something or someone or something else is the true culprit for what they did?  Me too. I want them to accept responsibility for their actions and role in the problem.  There is freedom in doing that.


I used to imagine someone standing at the pearly gates with a clipboard that listed all my f-bombs, laws broken, and all manner of illicit thoughts.  I now envision a different accounting—the painful and embarrassing consequences of where I missed opportunities and exhibited poor stewardship.

  • What did I do with the opportunities I was given to proclaim truth?
  • Did I offer God’s love and mercy at times when that would have made all the difference?
  • Did I lead well from the places of authority I was granted?
  • Did they know Him better from knowing me?

When I speak these days I find myself imploring ministry leaders to grab the mantle of opportunity afforded them.  To step up to the privilege of leadership and not let the fear of circumstance defeat them before the battle is ever waged.


My collective leadership experience (including my own) has taught me we kings of the Kingdom are long on vision and poor on execution.  Best laid plans … you know? We are easily distracted and daunted.  Our enemy doesn’t have to muster much of a breeze to blow us over backwards.


But I believe men and women are rising up and have risen up that are passionate about taking the mantle they’ve been given and wear it well. They will break rank and breathe the rare air of execution. And they will change the world. Will you join them?


What is the quality of your stewardship of the leadership you have been afforded?