Maintenance requirements for replacement windows might be as intimidating as changing the oil in your car by yourself—many people aren't quite sure where to begin or what is required. Fortunately, when you replace your windows, the contracting company you choose should be able to provide you with the regular maintenance instructions to keep your windows working beautifully for many years. Here are the most important tips to follow:

1. Clean the glass

Always use a good, ammonia-free cleaning agent on both the inside and outside panes of glass. Soft rags or squeegees are best at preventing streaking or discoloring. Try to clean your window glass without direct sunlight hitting it to also minimize streaks from appearing.

WindowsMany window styles are now designed to allow for easy cleaning of both the inside and outside panes from the comfort of your home, such as the example below of double hung window sashes that fold inward. This is especially useful for second story windows so you can avoid the hazards of climbing a ladder to reach the outside of the windows.




2. Clean the tracks

We also recommend periodically wiping down the tracks that the window sashes slide in. Dirt and debris can build up inside over time, making it difficult for the window to operate smoothly. Keeping these tracks clean prevents any build up from becoming a big issue when you’re trying to open and close your windows.


3. Clean the hardware

You can use the same cleaning agent for the window glass on your window’s hardware, as well. If you have metal hardware, it is also recommended to polish it with a little oil from time to time to prevent the elements from corroding it.


4. Lubricate the moving mechanisms

Items that may be prone to failure are typically the smaller moving components such as locks, hinges, operators, and rollers. Keeping these parts lubricated will ensure that the window continues to operate with ease. Always use a dry lubricant on these parts; never use a wet lubricant or abrasive cleaner, as this may lead to corrosion!  If you don’t have a contractor, then we would be happy to provide you with a referral for one who can repair the window for you. Feel free to call our office at 210-222-BEST (2378) and ask to speak with one of our Best by Southwest client services agents.


You can also watch these helpful videos if you are more of a visual learner to see the ideal methods for cleaning your windows.

If you do run into more problematic maintenance issues with your windows, the contractor that you use for your replacement window project should be able to provide a maintenance and warranty program on top of what the window manufacturer offers. Southwest Exteriors, for example, offers a lifetime warranty on all window components and installation. Should anything break or stop working properly, we will gladly resolve the issue at no added cost to you. This is one of the greatest benefits of using a remodeling company vs. going directly to a subcontractor for your project.


Any further questions about maintaining your replacement windows? Please contact us directly; we’d love to help you any way we can.