A lot of folks looking to purchase an entry door for their San Antonio home ask us for tips on the installation process. Well, here’s a basic overview of the process, although I definitely wouldn’t call it a “basic process.”

Removing Old Door

Entry Door Jamb Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXAfter your door opening has been measured and the new door has been ordered and delivered, the installer will begin by removing the old door and jamb.  He uses care when removing the trim and molding that is adjacent to your interior trim and exterior surface so that only minimal repair will be necessary.



Inserting New Door

Insert Door in Opening Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXOnce the opening is clear of all molding, trim, and debris, he sets your new door unit in the prepared space. Typically, this unit is a door & jamb combination, called a pre-hung door. The installer Entry Door Shim Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXlevels and shims the door as necessary, installs any additional framing, and secures the door with casing nails or cement screws depending on your frame type.

Securing New Door

Entry Door Hinge Screws Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXHe then tests the operation of the door and tweaks the setting of the door to insure proper door Entry Door Large Screws Security Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXoperation.  Once he is confident about the fit, he secures the door in place with long-anchor screws through the hinges and into the door framing.  The final steps of the installation include sealing the door with caulk, inserting and filling the voids between the doorframe and opening with insulation, and attaching the exterior and interior trim.

Finishing New Door, Trim, and Hardware

Finish Stain Front Entry Door Southwest Exteriors San Antonio TXOnce the installation is complete, the door and wood trim can be painted or stained. The final step is to attach the door handle and deadbolt to your new door.  For safety reasons, you will want to make sure your contractor installs long screws through your deadbolt strike plate.  These screws should go all the way through the jamb and into the framing stud, therefore making it more difficult for someone to pry open your deadbolt.


Installing an entry door is a very specialized task, so hiring someone with a lot of experience will make the process go smoothly. Because our doors are used so frequently, and they are very unforgiving towards improper installation, it is advised to hire a knowledgeable contractor to measure, supply, and install your new entry door. This will hopefully eliminate any issue you may have with the new door not fitting correctly in your space.


Any further questions about entry door installation? Feel free to contact us directly!